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Published : Dec, 2021

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Acropolis | Cafe Culture | Markets | Mt. Lycabettus | National Archaeological Museum
Athens! When I landed, I have to admit to feeling a frisson of excitement. It was my first visit to the city which essentially sparked the beginning of the western world as we know it, and I couldn’t wait to get my eyes on some of the sights that I already felt I knew so well.

As luck would have it, I arrived in the middle of the night and had an aisle seat, so my first sight of Athens was a glow of orange glimpsed between the head and shoulders of my fellow passengers. Not exactly the first impression I had hoped for.

All that excitement about exploring the cradle of civilisation was then put on hold after I discovered that the cradle of civilisation came with some rather fine beaches. I guess if you’re going to opine on the nature of life, and fire up democracy, you might as well do it with a cocktail and a magnificent view of a sunset.

As it was, I therefore largely ignored the centre of Athens for a couple of days, and spent some time exploring the gorgeous Vougliameni region of southern Athens, which I told you all about elsewhere.

Finally, I got to the end of this introduction, and got into Athens proper. Based on my explorations, here are some experiences you shouldn’t skip out on when visiting Athens for one day!

Published : Sep, 2021

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Nunna - Sauna - Kuldjala Towers | Old Town | Oldest Pharmacy | Pubs | St. Olafs Church | Town Square
We almost didn’t get to spend a day in Tallinn. Waking at 5.00am on a January morning in Helsinki, we looked outside to see flurries of snow and temperatures well below freezing.

A thirty minute walk in the dark to the ferry terminal didn’t seem like a hugely appealing activity, particularly as neither of us had slept particularly well the night before, and the thought of tramping around an unknown city in these conditions wasn’t exactly filling us with joy.

Still, we’d already paid for the ferry tickets, and it seemed a shame to let those go to waste, despite the tempting warmth of our hotel bed. So we prepared ourselves and headed out into the snow for our half hour walk to the ferry station, after which it was an easy two hour ferry ride to Tallinn.

Once there, we got off the ferry and had, well, an unexpectedly wonderful day. Here are some of the reasons Tallinn needs to be on your list, that you could use to create your own:

Published : Jul, 2023

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"The Final Frontier" | Garu Hot River | Hailiku Village | Kimbe Bay | Kokoda Trail | Madang | Mt. Garbuna | Mt. Wilhelm | Talasea plane wrecks | Walindi Resort
Papua New Guinea is widely regarded as the ‘final frontier’ because much of the country remains untouched and full of natural beauty. The tribal culture and traditions of generations are still present throughout the island nation and are the reason many travelers are drawn to Papua New Guinea. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the best things to do in Papua New Guinea, which I personally experienced on my three-week trip throughout the country. Papua New Guinea has so much to offer that so few know about, which made it such a privilege to explore this island nation.

At the bottom of this blog post, I will also cover everything you need to know before you visit Papua New Guinea such as safety, vaccines, the best time to visit, and if it’s possible to solo travel...

Published : Jun, 2023

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Asen’s Fortress | Buzludzha | Kazanlak | Koprivshtitsa | Musala Peak | Nesebar | Seven Rila Lakes | Shipka Monument | Sozoxpol | Tryavna
More people need to know how beautiful Bulgaria is. The country has rich history, traditions, and culture. The landscapes are amazing, the food is super delicious, and the people are warm and friendly. These are just a few of the reasons to visit Bulgaria this year.

If you planning a trip to Eastern Europe, Bulgaria definitely has to be on your list, and while visiting it make sure you make stops at this 10 wonderful places.

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Published : Dec, 2022

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Boat Boka Bay | Boat Skadar Lake | Kotor Hike | Lady of the Rocks | Mausoleum in Lovcen | Ostrog Monastery | Other Hiking | Rafting Tara River | Zip-line
Montenegro is somewhere between a well-liked tourist destination/attraction and an undiscovered gem where most of its visitors choose calm vacations by the sea. However, Montenegro has much more to offer, and you can find many other amazing things to do in Montenegro.

These are just a handful of the things you could engage in while visiting Montenegro. You can lay on the beach or pursue an adrenaline rush during active vacations in the mountains.

There is never a wrong time to visit Montenegro since each period offers a distinctive perspective on the country’s scenery. Finding the ideal destination for your vacation won’t be difficult in Montenegro since there are so many fantastic locations to explore.

In this article, we’ll start with Kotor, a perfect base to explore Montenegro from! Additionally, you may include more than one location in your agenda for Montenegro because the country is small and accessible.