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Published : Nov, 2022

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Travelling in India can be an experience of a lifetime. The culture and colours dazzle visitors who come to explore this ancient land. India is an emerging economy, and its tourism industry continues to grow yearly. Thus, making it a favorite destination for visitors of all nationalities. India offers tourists a wealth of attractions, religious, travelling, and sightseeing. It is also a country with its fair share of political and social unrest, which can be daunting for those visiting India for the first time. There are many amazing things about this wonderful country that you should know before visiting. Being aware of these will make travelling in India even better.

Published : May, 2022

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Cremation Ghats | Ruchika Art Gallery | Take a holy bath in Ganges | Ramnagar Fort | Sarnath | Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple | Weaver’s Village | Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple | Jantar Mantar | Boat ride along Ganges | Try some local street food | Aarti
Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in Varanasi (India), along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest...

Published : Apr, 2022

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Residence of Vasco de Gama | Cochin -"Queen of the Arabian Sea" | Sta. Cruz Basilica | center of the world spice trade | antique shopping in Jew town | Alleppey |
Are you planning a trip to Kerala and wondering whether Kochi (Cochin) is worth visiting or not? Read my complete travel guide answering all your questions, including the best places to visit in Kochi and Fort Kochi, where to stay, eat, and when to go.

After spending a week in two different destinations – Bangalore and Coorg – I thought I had experienced two very unique holidays. Nothing could match them in my two-week-long South India Trip. Still, both Fort Kochi and Kumarakom exceeded my expectations. In this post, I’ll tell you why I fell in love with Kochi and what are the best things to do in Kochi in 2 days...

Published : Jun, 2023

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Aarti ceremonies at night | awesome hikes | bustling markets | camel rides | dip in sacred Pushkar Lane | Festivals | hiking up: Savitri temple | hot air baloons | Merta City | Mochani temple | Pushkar Lake |
Located in the heart of Rajasthan, India, Pushkar is a vibrant and enchanting town that captivates with its charm and rich cultural heritage. Renowned for its sacredness among Hindus, Pushkar is home to the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world. It’s also famous for the annual Pushkar Camel Fair, a spectacular event that draws tourists from around the globe. From taking a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake, exploring the bustling markets filled with exquisite handicrafts, to hiking up the Ratnagiri Hill for a panoramic view of the town and witnessing the mesmerizing sunset, there is a huge list of things to do in Pushkar for culture enthusiasts, and adventure lovers alike...

Published : Jan, 2022

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Kalka ji Temple | Bhairon Temple | Kunti Temple | Gauri Shankar Temple | Banakhandi Temple | Kali Temple | Chitragupta Temple | Devi Temple | Sun Temples | Yogmaya Temple | Jain Temples
Delhi is one of the oldest living cities in the world, a city that was born to be the capital city of Pandavas in Mahabharata. It has seen many kings and their kingdoms come and go. Every era in a way continues to live within the megacity it is. Ancient Temples of Delhi today stay in the background as the bigger buildings in red sandstone stand proud and tall.