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Published : Aug, 2023

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Bangkok, Thailand: love it or hate it! It’s one of the best cities in the world, but to say this it took me almost 8 months of living in Bangkok. On my first trip to Bangkok, I simply hated it! I hated it with all my soul… But then, after doing some research and meeting local friends I finally learned to enjoy the city, and I also learned how to find cool things to do in Bangkok, awesome places, and unique experiences that only this great city can offer...

Published : Mar, 2023

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If you’re heading to Uganda, there’s a high probability you’ll fly into the international airport in Entebbe. Whilst many visitors head straight out on a safari or gorilla trek, we think there are plenty of things to do in Entebbe to make it worth spending at least a day or two of your trip.

We’ve spent a number of days exploring the attractions of the Entebbe area on various trips to Uganda, and we’ve put together this guide to help you plan what to see and do here.

Entebbe was the former seat of government, but after independence this moved to nearby Kampala. Entebbe itself is fairly spread out with few tall buildings, and has quite a tropical laid-back style. It is hard to imagine it was the seat of government, especially when you compare it to Kampala with its tall buildings and crazy traffic!

Whether you’re here for a short stay whilst waiting for a safari to start or a flight to leave, or you have a few days to explore, this guide will give you lots of ideas for things to do in Entebbe.

From seeing chimpanzees to trying traditional foods to shopping for locally made souvenirs, Entebbe has something for everyone! Let’s get started.

Published : Feb, 2023

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The Seychelles are a small island nation around a thousand miles off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. For a long time, these islands were also my home, and I’m proud to be half Seychellois! I spent a lot of my youth in the islands, but hadn’t visited with Jess – something we changed on a recent trip.

On that trip, Jess and I spent some time exploring the islands. I was excited to show her all my favourite beaches, eat my favourite Seychelles dishes, and of course do a lot of sight-seeing. From this trip, and my previous experience living in the Seychelles, we’re going to be sharing a number of posts to help you plan your own visit to the Seychelles, starting off with our guide to how to spend 1 week in the Seychelles.

We think 1 week in the Seychelles is about the minimum amount of time to visit the islands for, as it will let you see a number of different islands, and see a fair few sights.

If you have time and budget, we’ll also be putting together a two week itinerary which will cover a bit more, and let you spend more time exploring the islands.

As well as a 1 week Seychelles itinerary, this post will also cover a number of practicalities, including when to visit the Seychelles, how to get around the Seychelles, tips for your time on the islands, and much more! Let’s get started.

Published : Dec, 2022

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Bangkok is the capital and the commercial, economic, and political center of Thailand. The name Bangkok is an exonym, something that foreigners use. Thais call it Krung Thep (meaning City of Angels), short for its official name Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, which is also a shortened version of its full, ceremonial name: Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.

At first glance, Bangkok appears as your typical highly-urbanized metropolis, but a closer look reveals it remains very much in touch with its past. The city’s roots as the capital can be traced back to 1782, when King Rama I, after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, ordered the people to move south and establish a new center at a more militarily strategic location along the Chao Phraya River. Many of Bangkok’s most visited attractions today were built under King Rama I, including the Grand Palace complex and the other temples that will be discussed in the guide.

Here are a few more facts you need to know:

- Language: Thai. For newly exposed non-native speakers, it can be quite intimidating, especially its lengthy words. It’s also a tonal language, i.e. the meaning changes with the tone. But many road and establishment signs are also written in Latin alphabet. English isn’t normally spoken. You’ll encounter taxi drivers and vendors who cannot speak English. But most younger locals can. And what the Thais lack in English fluency, they make up for with their friendly attitude toward tourists.
- Timezone: UTC+07:00 (ICT – Indochina Time), year round. No daylight saving time observed. Same time zone as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Thailand, in general, is one hour behind the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.
- Currency: Thai Baht (THB, ฿). TTHB100 is roughly USD 2.89, EUR 2.72, SGD 3.9, PHP 161 (as of December 2022).
- Modes of payment: Cash. Although some restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, smaller establishments prefer cash.
- Religion: Buddhism is the predominant religion, practiced by almost 93% of the population. Most others identify with Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Confucianism.