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Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)SightseeingCultural PleasuresActive PursuitsTop Attractions & LandmarksNort & South GoaLocal Cuisine& DiningConclusionPractical Info.Dos & Dont`sbest BeachesPlanning Your TripAreas in GoaRecommendations: Where to Stay
Welcome to our Goa India Guide, where we’ll take you on an exciting journey to one of India’s most vibrant and enchanting destinations. Goa, located on the southwestern coast of the country, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, rich cultural heritage, and lively atmosphere. With a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese influences, this tropical paradise offers something for everyone, from history buffs and nature lovers to adventure seekers and food enthusiasts...

Published : Aug, 2023

Suggested ItineraryDaily PracticalitiesFood (any price)SightseeingActive PursuitsTours & PassesHit up Secret Beach (do not swim)5. Travel South to Poipu6. Drive to observe Wailua Falls7. Rent boogie boards or hit Brenneke Beach or hotel poolAddl. ReadingFoods to Eat (Day 1-7)1. Arrival at Lihue Airport2. Head north to Princeville3. Enjoy Hanalei Beach
This is a sample guideline to get your planning started.
Modify depending on where you are staying or how long you are visiting...

Published : Aug, 2023

Health & SafetyLanguageDaily PracticalitiesWeatherMalariaTravel AdaptorDugongsSafariMaputoMozambicanMetical
One of our favorite experiences in life has been to travel to Mozambique. It’s thought we’ve had plenty of time to think about as every person loves to ask us what our favorite country is once they learn we’ve been to nearly a hundred countries.

When we set out to travel Mozambique after South Africa and Swaziland we were unsure of what was in store. After a month in the country, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made in Africa. Traveling to Mozambique brings back some of our favorite travel memories ever.

Sure, there is police and governmental corruption, a small rebel army, economic uncertainty, poor roads, slowly improving infrastructure, a high and confusing visa process, and crumbling transportation options – it does not sound appealing to most visitors.

However, Mozambique brings something much more to the table that any adventurous soul will come to love. After a few weeks in Mozambique, it remains one of the top places we can’t wait to return to someday.

Every day I dream of empty beaches and delicious seafood on the African coast. If you’re thinking about traveling to Mozambique on your own and if you have made a very wise decision, here are some things to note based on our personal travel experiences.

Published : Aug, 2023

Daily PracticalitiesPacking & GearMidrange $$Nature & WildlifeDrinking WaterKilimanjaroPoliceSafariTanzanian Park RatesTanzanian ShillingUsumbaraZanzibar
For many, Tanzania may be the most well-known country in Africa. It is the country that has become synonymous with the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. People from all over the world flock to Tanzania to have a safari in some of the best national parks in the world.

The country is staggeringly beautiful, populated by a warm Swahili culture, and home to some of the best wildlife on this planet. Here are our top Tanzania travel tips to know before you go.

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)Active PursuitsPhotography & VideoNusa Lembongan BeachswimmingCanggu BeachsurfingBingin BeachsunbathingSanur BeachSeminyak BeachJimbaran BeachKu De Ta clubLovina BeachBeachUluwatu BeachNusa Dua BeachVirgin Beach
“Paradise” is a word that often gets tossed around when describing Bali, and for good reason. This famous island in Indonesia is known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and vast selection of beaches. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best beaches in Bali.

While Bali may look small on the map, this unassuming island packs a lot in and it’s definitely one of the top places to visit in the country. In addition to its many excellent beaches, the island also has volcanoes, lakes, hot springs, forests, waterfalls, and more. With a few days here, you can take in a little bit of everything.

I can speak from experience of the magnetic power Bali has. After visiting twice for a few weeks each time, I decided to apply for a program to live there for a year while learning the language and culture. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Bali.

The 10 Best Beaches in Bali
If you’re ready to start planning your own dream trip to the Island of the Gods, read on to find the right Bali beach (or five) for you!

Published : Jul, 2023

Daily PracticalitiesThrifty $Food (any price)BarsSightseeingNightlifeDemoPentaBoytownSugarClub at KoiRoute 66Havana SocialSing Sing TheatreOnyxDress code for the Best ClubsMaggie ChoosGlow ClubGogo BarsMustacheBeamNana PlazaLevelsMixxSoi CowboyInsanityBarbarbarPatpong
I’ve lived in Bangkok since 2010, I’ve done the standard 3 day Bangkok itinerary, I’ve done luxury Bangkok staycations, and I’ve done every tourist thing from day-trips to Ayutthaya, Bangkok’s floating market, and that railway market place where the train comes through the market! And I’ve been on both sides of Bangkok’s price point. From a broke backpacker trying to find the cheapest drinks on Khao San Road (I still do that sometimes, to be honest!) to a successful blogger where I just want a night spent in the best clubs in Bangkok. So after 10 years of ‘research’, finally I feel qualified to give you guys a list of Bangkok’s best clubs, depending what you’re after.

One thing to remember though folks, especially for travelers to Bangkok. Bangkok is a booming international city, and although there is a ‘travel’ vibe to Bangkok, the clubs are awesome here. And that means similar prices to what you know at home and similar dress codes. No flip-flops, vests or shorts! There are places for that too, I’ve added that in the cheaper section at the bottom.

Published : Jul, 2023

Daily PracticalitiesSightseeingCultural PleasuresNature & WildlifeNorthern Laos trekGibbon experienceVang Vieng tubingherbal saunaLao massageLaos - 80% ruralsimplicity & beauty of LaosMekong River boat-ride
One of my readers asked me what my top things to do in Laos were.

When I arrived in Laos, I wasn’t sure what there was to do either. Laos is largely rural; it has marvelous beauty, nice treks and subtle charm. Simply put, traveling Laos is to get lost and take your time soaking in the experience of it. But here a bucket list worthy of your next trip there...

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesColombian CoffeeMonserratGuerrillasTipsBogotaArepas
Here are excerpts of my letters from Colombia to my Dad in Canada, and his responses; the catalyst for some unique conversations about life in Colombia!

Dear Nora,

Glad you arrived safely in Colombia. You realize of course that the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to a father.

Love, Dad

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesThrifty $Active PursuitsBishkekMarshrutkasSouth of KyrgyzstanIssyk KulAla-KulSong KulAk-Sai ValleyYurtKnorcheck Canyon
Kyrgyzstan is becoming one of the most hyped-about travel destinations in 2020. Many travelers have heard stories about how breathtaking the landscape is, how friendly its natives are, and how untouched the country is by mass tourism.

Perhaps you’ve already heard something similar and have been planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan for a while now. Where do you start though? What do you need to organize before visiting?

There are definitely a few things to know before traveling to Kyrgyzstan. Where to stay, what to do, who to contact; these will all need to be considered before you actually make your way.

Below, I’m going to talk about some crucial things that everyone should think about before visiting, from dos and don’ts to tips and tricks to general questions. By the end of this article, you should have a clearer picture of what it takes to organize a trip to Kyrgyzstan and how to have the best adventure possible.

Published : Mar, 2023

Sites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingCultural PleasuresActive Pursuitswhat was it likeSolo Female Travel: Pros & Consis it safe?Useful Resources for Solo Female TravelSafety TipsThings to know on female travelResources for solo travelFemale Motorcycle TravelIraqi Kurdistansolo female travelancient city of Ur
Yep, solo female travel in Iraq is possible! I was there for a month, and I survived (and, dare I say, thrived). Here’s my guide with everything you need to know to travel Iraq as a solo woman.

You’re going to travel to Iraq?! Alone?!

My latest travel plans were, unsurprisingly, slightly stressful for my family and friends...

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)SightseeingActive PursuitsNature & WildlifeThe ShackSintraSagresPena PalaceMartinhal Sagres Beach Resort Hotel15 UNESCO world heritage sitesbest place for family holiday1 of oldest countries in Europekid’s clubcycling around the coastbest hiking pathsCape St. Vincentbeaches have board walks for cycling or stroller-pushingFinnestra SpaMartinhal Quinta Family Resortsexplore Quinta De Lagos
We’ve been to Portugal with kids twice now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its one of the most family-friendly countries in Europe, and somewhere I always recommend to people looking for a break. We’ve been twice now and had some of our best family holidays in Portugal!

On our first trip a couple of years ago, we focused on Central Portugal mixing a Lisbon city break with a relaxing cultural and beach trip to Sintra. Whereas on our most recent family vacation, we explored the Algarve on the southerly coast of the country!

Both visits were quite different and could be combined into a longer road trip around Portugal with kids. Renting a car could be an amazing way to explore on an extended trip, however, public transport is also quite good...

Published : Jan, 2023

Suggested ItineraryHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesAre Taxis Safe?Drinking WaterFood SafetyIs China Safe to Visit Now?Is it Dangerous in China?Is it Safe to Live in China?Is it Safe to Travel to China?Safety Travel Tipssolo female travelTravel Scams
China is a vast and wild country with a seemingly endless number of regions to explore. But is it safe to travel in China? Here's everything you should know about traveling to this country full of iconic landmarks and natural wonders...

Published : Jan, 2023

Suggested ItineraryHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesTours & PassesTaking "Black Taxi” from AirportSpending 1/2 mo’s .Travel Budget in 1 Night of PartyingBooking an Entire Trip w/ Bangkok Travel AgentGetting High & Ending Up on Locked Up AbroadSpending All Your Time on Khao San RoadTuk-Tuk Sightseeing Scam
Bangkok is a city like no other. Whether you love it or hate it, you're bound to make a few mistakes when you first visit. If you're new to Bangkok, these are six mistakes you don't want to make...

Published : Jan, 2023

How To Get ThereSites & AttractionsSuggested ItineraryDaily PracticalitiesPacking & GearAccom (any price)Food (any price)Tayrona Natl. ParkHow to Get Around ColombiaMedellin & GuatapéSalento Coffee Region2-Wks. in Colombia ItineraryTravel InsuranceCost for 2 WksBogotaSumming Up your 2 wks.Cartagena
Colombia is becoming an evermore popular tourist destination, and it's one that's full of adventures. If you have 2 weeks in Colombia, here's the ultimate Colombia itinerary that squeezes in beaches, jungles and city life.

Published : Jan, 2023

Suggested ItineraryHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingTours & PassesDrink ScamRigged Taxi MeterFixed-Price TaxiBangkok Tuk-Tuk ScamInfamous Gem"Local Price” Onward TravelAirport Security TheftLitter BugGet Off the Bus
Nobody wants trouble in paradise, but scams in Thailand are all too common. Watch out for these nine tourist scams and ensure your visit is abundant with adventure and not rife with struggles...

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & AttractionsSuggested ItineraryDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingCultural PleasuresMuslim QuarterGuilinMt. HuashanGreat WallBuddhist Sun & Moon PagodasSummer PalaceReed Flute CaveHistorical & Cultural LandmarksLongsheng Rice TerracesHow to Get from Beijing to Xi’anLi RiverImperial Capital of Xi’anMoon HillTerracotta WarriorsSkyline of Shanghai
Spending 2 weeks in China is enough time to do everything from the Great Wall to a bunch of hole-in-the-wall restaurants serving up the best pan-fried dumplings. But it'll also just scratch the surface. So here’s how to make the most of your China itinerary...

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingNature & WildlifePhotography & VideoCestaGuatia and Montaledramatic rock face with a tower perched on topPalazzo PublicoCesare restaurantMonte Cerreto Pinewood adventure parkHotel CesareThree TowersPiazza Cava Anticapeak of Mount Titano
I can’t bare to skirt around the outside of a country and not go into it. Even if it is as small as San Marino! Completely land locked by Italy, I never heard of it when I was younger.

However, this tiny nation has been on my hit list for a while, since I have been trying to conquer Europe in its entirety.

Just two countries to go before I have visited them all. I must say, it’s not the easiest place in the world to get to. We had spent a couple of days in Venice and then backpacked down to Rome, so we decided we had to go, even if it was a three hour drive from our nearest passing point.

We spent twenty-four hours in San Marino and it definitely inspired us for all it had to offer. This took us by surprise as many locals on the other side of the border said it wasn’t worth the hassle. How wrong they were!

Published : Jan, 2023

Daily PracticalitiesPacking & GearSightseeingNature & WildlifeGeneral InfoKhwai ConcessionSafariTented CampTypical Day
The Khwai Community Reserve in Northern Botswana offers phenomenal gave viewing for the fortunate few that make their way to the part of the world. During our overland trip across Africa, we had learned of its regard in the overland community and bush loving South Africans. Most notably it is known for frequent African wild dog sightings. One of Africa’s most endangered and treasured predators, and one of our favorite safari animals.

The beauty of reserve that sits on the border of the Okavango Delta and at the entrance of Moremi National Park is not just a prime spot for elusive species like wild dogs, but many of Africa’s wildlife. It’s a unique habitat for lions, elephants, rare antelope (roan and sable), hippos, and leopards. What’s possibly most interesting about the Khwai Concession is that it is community-owned.

Published : Jan, 2023

Daily PracticalitiesPacking & GearSightseeingActive PursuitsNature & WildlifeGeneral InfoKafue National ParkIla Safari LodgeRiver CruiseFishingWalking Safari
At almost 22,500 so km, Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia and one of the biggest in the world. The park’s landscape ranges from the dense riverine forest along the banks of the Kafue River to wide open plains. Safari-goers stand a good chance of sighting lions and leopards, and even cheetahs in the north of the park. Originally founded by the legendary Norman Carr in the 1950s, Kafue established Zambia’s first national park.

Despite the park’s massive size, long history, and accessibility, it is seldom traveled compared to many other parks in Southern Africa. It does have its reasons for not drawing the tourists of South Luangwa or The Lower Zambezi, but the park is making strides in conservation and begs to be explored.

The park is only a few hours from Livingstone or Lusaka. However, it still contains vast tracts of untouched wilderness, with the spread-out safari lodges operating in the park. In recent years interest continues to grow, and in our opinion, Kafue National Park is very much an upcoming park sure to be a hit for safari-goers in the future.

Published : Dec, 2022

LanguageDaily PracticalitiesEconomyLocalsHardshipsTamaleCow Head Market
Thanks for watching my Ghanaian adventures. Sponsor: Skip the waitlist and invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks:
Purchase shares in great masterpieces from artists like Pablo Picasso, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more. See important Masterworks disclosures:

Published : Dec, 2022

How To Get ThereSites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingCultural PleasuresChurch of the Holy SepulchreCultural Customs To HeedEnvironmental Precautions To ConsiderHow to Apply for an Israel Online VisaIsarel CurrencyNazareth VillageNegev Camel RanchThe Western Wall
Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Israel & The Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Israel, otherwise known as the Holy Land is the Jews’ birthplace and is a spiritual and beautiful place to visit. People following Muslim and Christian religions also consider Israel as a sacred place because God lived here when he was in the flesh as Jesus...

While planning a trip, learn everything you need to know before visiting Israel from this guide, including the four best tourist attractions to visit during your stay! Namaste to all the aspiring travelers!

Traveling to Israel is an exciting spiritual experience. Remember to heed cultural customs, the environmental precautions, to get your e-Visa, convert your currency, and enjoy the tourist attractions. Follow the advice/suggestions that this post on Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Israel enumerates.

Published : Dec, 2022

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesGorgeous George HotelFood JamsFyn RestaurantCaraci ClothingCape Town
Watch our awesome #LiveAgain video with @SouthAfricanTourism as we explored Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Pilanesberg National Park.

In Cape Town, we stayed at the Gorgeous George Hotel and did a cooking class with Food Jams Cape Town. We also visited the impressive @ZeitzMOCAA museum and had a gourmet romantic dinner at Fyn Restaurant.

In Johanessburg we had our own hand-made bomber jackets made by the affable @sebocaraci of Caraci Clothing. We also visited @constitutionhill1306 did a sunrise helicopter ride with Capital Air SA, and dined at the amazing Test Kitchen Carbon Restaurant. Our home base in Johannesburg was at the Home Suite Hotels Rosebank.

We also did a safari tour in the Pilanesberg National Park, staying at the Ivory Tree Game Lodge.

Other credits: 9mm Films for videography and Janik Alheit for photography.

Published : Oct, 2022

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesOld TbilisiMeidan BazarMetekhiFreedom SquareYandex BoltGamarjoba
Tbilisi is definitely a hidden gem in Europe that you MUST visit! Not only is it one of the cheapest EU destinations, but it also holds a LOT of amazing sights (and food choices, yum — I'm looking at you, khinkali! 😋) that will make the trip worth your while.

Published : Oct, 2022

How To Get ThereDaily PracticalitiesPacking & GearLong distance transportFaster & cheaper to train to Pompeii than go by carBefore Your Visitre 3 What to Bring on your trip to Pompeii with KidsDuring Your Visit
Planning a trip to Pompeii with kids? Great choice! We spent a month in Rome with our five kids and really enjoyed the city...

We made a few mistakes during our visit, but overall it was a huge highlight of our visit to Rome. In fact, we hope to go back again in a few years. I wanted to share some tips for other families planning their travels to Pompeii with kids. For tips and tricks on Rome, be sure to check out my travel guide for Rome...

Published : Aug, 2022

When To VisitLanguageDaily PracticalitiesCashCurrencyCycladesInternational Drivers LicenseTippingTourist Trap Islands
If you are going to travel Greece, these are the travel tips you MUST know before going. Watch til the end for the most common mistakes!

Published : Jan, 2022

Suggested ItineraryDaily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)1. Budget Accommodation in Brussels Under $302. Mid-Range Places to Stay in Brussels Under $1503. Luxury Hotels in Brussels Under $300
So, you’ve decided to spend some time in Brussels, you’ve brushed up on your French, Googled the best waffles in Brussels and made a small to-do list. Now all you need is to find a hotel in Brussels...

These are some of the best hotels in Brussels, Belgium, which you should be able to find on most any hotel booking site out there...

Published : Jan, 2022

Sites & AttractionsDaily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)SightseeingCultural PleasuresNature & Wildlifesaltwater crocodiles regularly sighted on Dili coastNakroma FerryOecussi enclaveThe Lowdownwonderful island getawayAtauro
You have snorkelled. You have lazed about in your eco-friendly paradise. You have enjoyed the solitude. So with more time left on Atauro before returning back to mainland Timor-Leste, what will you do to pass the time?

I had come to Atauro smack bang in the middle of the wet season and as a result, blue skies were a rarity. Instead – rainfall was regular, skies were grey and the clouds rarely seemed to disappear.

Now this may sound a pretty horrible beach holiday, but for a girl who would prefer temperatures below freezing than high summer heat, this was a pretty wonderful island getaway...

Published : Jan, 2022

Suggested ItineraryHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingTravel Safety TipsIs Colombia Safe to Travel Alone?How Safe is it for Americans?Is it Safe for Solo Female Travelers?Is Drinking Water Safe?Travel InsuranceIs Taxi Safe?Is the Food Safe to Eat?Is Colombia Safe to Live?Is Colombia Safe to Travel Now?Is it Dangerous in Colombia?
Colombia has a notorious history of civil war and drug cartels. But the country has evolved immensely over the past couple of decades. It's a very different country than it used to be...

So, is Colombia safe to travel? The short answer is “yes.” But the reality of how to stay safe in Colombia is a bit more complicated, and really depends on who you ask...

Published : Jan, 2022

Sites & AttractionsHealth & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesSightseeingActive PursuitsTravel InsuranceIs the Food Safe to Eat?Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?Are Taxis Safe?Is it Safe to Visit?Is Egypt Safe to Live?Safety Travel TipsSoIs it Safe to Travel Alone?Is it Dangerous in Egypt?Is It Safe for LGBTQ+ Travelers?Cairo - home the Great Pyramids of GizaIs it Safe for Americans?Is the Water Safe to drink?
You've probably wanted to travel to Egypt and, undoubtedly, have asked yourself, "is Egypt safe?" I traveled there solo—and here's what I can tell you.

Published : Dec, 2021

Health & SafetyDaily PracticalitiesCrimeInflationKidnappingLocalsSecurityViolence
Nigeria continues to expand my mind, relentlessly. Thank you to every one of you for watching my videos this year. It has been an absolute whirlwind, in a beautiful way. I will be back next week with the next episode from Nigeria. Happy New Year, hope you are spending time with the ones you love and thanks for all of your support! Nick

Published : Nov, 2021

Health & SafetyLanguageDaily PracticalitiesEnglishInflationLocalsPickpocketsPoint of Sales CenterTrain Tracks Market
Nigeria, what's up? Your country is crazy beautiful and beautiful crazy.
Thanks for watching!

Published : Nov, 2020

Daily PracticalitiesEconomyLocalsInterviewsRefugee CampsBorder
Exploring Syrian border and meeting Syrian people.

Thank you for watching and joining me as I learn more about the current situation in Lebanon. If you would like to support the people in this video and others like them, remember just $10 USD can supply a desperate family with food for a week, you can do that here:
Appreciate your time and hope you are all doing well. Nick ❤️🇱🇧🇸🇾

Published : Jun, 2020

Daily PracticalitiesAccom (any price)Prosto HostelUltimate Train Challenge
Despite a roller-coaster ride in Ukraine leaving me feeling higher than lower, I roll into Moscow (literally “roll”, on the overnight train, as part of the Ultimate Train Challenge) feeling pretty flat.

Trying to find the hostel is a challenge because, like Ukraine, nothing is in English, and English isn’t widely spoken among the people. Playing a “match-up” game of the Cyrillic symbols on the Metro is a crap shoot, and even when I emerge from the Metro to find the hostel, I’m still not even sure I’m at the right station.

But look really lost and ask enough people to help, and you find help. I eventually arrive at the very cool, super-clean, and funky Prosto Hostel, and happily reunite with my fellow Ultimate Train Challenge compadres.

Published : Mar, 2020

Daily PracticalitiesFood (any price)BurritosFruit CupsMexican food is not what you thinkTacosTamalesTortasTortillasTypes of Tacos
In the same way that America has butchered their interpretation of traditional Chinese food, so too have they debauched the art of Mexican cuisine.

Many North Americans love Mexican food but, unfortunately, the Mexican food we’ve come to know and love isn’t actually Mexican food at all! In many cases, the only thing even remotely similar between the North American version and the Mexican version is the name of the dish...