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Published : Sep, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
National Museum of Finland | Helsinki Cathedrals | Suomenlinna Fortress | Porvoo | Tampere | Rovaniemi | Art Nouveau Fire Station | Market Square | Parola Tank Museum | Helsinki Central Station | Turku
Hear about travel to Finland as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Jayne Dear about a one-week itinerary to visit the best of Finland by train.

Why should you visit Finland?

Jayne says, “Many reasons. One of the most notable is that it’s the happiest country in the world. For the last six years, it’s been declared the happiest country in the world on the World Happiness Report. It’s a beautiful country. You probably will have seen more trees than you will have seen in your life.”

Published : Sep, 2023

Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Beach Day Fun | Pulau Ubin | Memorable Dinner Dates | Museum Hopping | Thrilling Nature Escapades | Sentosa Island | Tanjong Beach | Siloso Beach | Kusu Island | Couples Shopping Spree | MacRitchie Reservoir
Singapore might be small but it offers a myriad of experiences that will surely be enjoyed by everyone—even soon-to-wed couples looking for honeymoon ideas! Whether you and your spouse-to-be enjoy relaxing on the beach or are huge history and culture buffs, here are five fun honeymoon ideas you can explore in Singapore:

Published : Sep, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
National Museum of History and Art | Place d’Armes | Luxembourg House | Ville Haute | Esch-sur-Alzette | Alzette Valley | Golden Lady Monument | Passerelle Viaduc | Ville Basse | Pétrusse Valley
You might think Luxembourg is too small to offer much, being one of Europe’s tiniest countries. However, it’s full of surprises, from ancient castles to modern wonders.

Luxembourg seamlessly blends old and new in a unique way. There are some hidden gems you shouldn’t miss, particularly if you have an appreciation for nature and twisting pathways.

These are the 10 must-see attractions in Luxembourg.

Published : Sep, 2023

Other logistics | Food (any) | Shopping
Pecorino Romano | Italian wine | Football merchandise | Perfume | Roman Coins | Handmade toys | Artisan Knives | Designer clothes | Ceramics | Religious art | Italian pasta
When shopping in Italy, you’ll discover an incredible range of souvenirs that allow you to take a part of your trip back home with you.

But with so many choices (and a lot of worthless tourist traps), it’s hard to decide on which will be the best gifts to take home for your friends and family.

Luckily I am here to give you an honest guide to the best authentic souvenirs to represent your time in Italy.

Published : Aug, 2023

Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
Schöneben – Stubenberghaus Trail | Styrian Armoury Museum | Schloss Eggenberg Palace | cycle-hike-paraglyde | Lock & Key Museum | Culinary Delights City | Lend & Gries | Schöckl Mountain | Sustainable City
Who would have thought an espresso tonic would be the perfect drink for a summer afternoon in Graz? Here I am, sipping this strong, refreshing coffee while admiring the charm of an old friend.

It’s our second trip to Graz, Austria, and now I can easily say that the city has stolen my heart and made me a more responsible and conscious traveler...

Published : Aug, 2023

Midrange accom | Luxury accom | Cheap food | Bars & pubs | Shopping
Gourmet food market | Commons Market | Mahanakhon Skywalk | Bangkok Day Pass | Lumpini Park | Bang Krachao | Chao Phraya River | Thai handicrafts | rent a bike | cafes | coffee tour
Bangkok, Thailand: love it or hate it! It’s one of the best cities in the world, but to say this it took me almost 8 months of living in Bangkok. On my first trip to Bangkok, I simply hated it! I hated it with all my soul… But then, after doing some research and meeting local friends I finally learned to enjoy the city, and I also learned how to find cool things to do in Bangkok, awesome places, and unique experiences that only this great city can offer...

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Pont du Gard | Flamingoes | Vineyard | Provence
On our very first visit to Nimes, there was one place I’d really wanted to see but considering how you’d need to have a car (or go on a bus journey which was rumoured to be over 1 hour long) and we’d showed up with no plans on getting a car, I’d just decided that this was one sight we would have to skip.

To be fair, there’s a lot to keep you occupied in Nimes anyway, so this sight was ‘surplus to requirements so to speak.

The sight in question was the Pont du Gard – an ancient Roman viaduct, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, according to Wikipedia, the highest elevated Roman Aqueduct in the world.

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & attractions | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
Treviso food & wine | Cagnan River | Santa Caterina Museum | Chiesa di San Francesco | Treviso Cathedral | Historic City Center | Gelato | Piazza dei Signori | Shop United Colors of Benetton | Canals & Waterways | Venice & Verona trips
To off-set the crowds and damage that tourism reaps upon Venice, I researched Veneto cities that might I promote as contenders to Venice. I came upon Treviso and created this Treviso trip guide.

Travel blogs listed Treviso as an alternative Venice due to its canals and the fact that the old part of the city is surrounded by a waterway. So I visited Treviso to see if it could hold up to Venice...

Published : Aug, 2023

Accom (any) | Cheap food | Bars & pubs | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
Wat Buppharam | Wat Sri Suphan | Doi inthanon | Wat Suan Dok | Grand Canyon | Huay Tung Tao Reservoir | Doi Suthep | Wat Chang Man | Wat Phra Singh | Wat Chedi Luang | Wat Pan Tao
We traveled to Chiang Mai 5 times and used the city as a base for our nomadic life. This last season in Thailand, we realized that as much as we love the city, we didn’t visit all the attractions in Chiang Mai, and it was time to hurry up, visit all the cool places in town, and write a practical guide about what to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & attractions | Accom (any) | Shopping
Golden Gate Bridge | Dolores Park | Giant’s Stadium in SOMA | Alcatraz Tour | The Presidio | Haight Ashbury | Angel Island State Park | The Castro | Mission District | weather is chilly | Coit tower | where to walk | Telegraph Hill | Embarcadero | Alamo Square
San Francisco has a lot going for it. It’s a liberal, technology-forward city with great food, fabulous views and quirky culture. But San Francisco can also be tricky to navigate and it’s one of the most expensive spots in the United States. So have fun in the city but be smart about it. This San Francisco travel guide shares 11 things to know before traveling San Francisco.

Published : Jul, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Burj Khalifa (world^s tallest bldg.) | Dubai beach | Desert Safari | Atlantis The Palm | skydive over the Palm | Atlantis Aquaventure | Dubai Mall (world^s largest mall) | Al
One of the most popular questions we get asked is, "What is your favourite city you have ever visited?" and our answer to date has always been Dubai.

Dubai is most often visited as a brief stopover for travellers as it is situated virtually in the center of the world. Most passing through are without knowledge of what they’re missing out on – and trust us, they are missing out!

Here are our 10 reasons why Dubai needs to be your next travel destination...

Published : Jul, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Accom (any) | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Shopping
4 statues of Ramses II | Abu Simbel | Agilika Island | Aswan | Cairo | Egyptian Museum | Horus Temple at Edfu | Hurghada | Luxor | Nile Felucca Cruise | Philae Temple | Saqqara | Valley of the Kings
We have just finished up on one of the most epic adventures we have ever done - two weeks exploring Egypt!
Since we were kids we had always dreamt of visiting this magical place. Learning about ancient Egypt, pharaohs and the Nile back in primary school helped spark our desire to travel - and here we are years later finally ticking off this major bucket list country.

For this trip of a lifetime we decided to visit on a tour and after a little googling we found On The Go Tours King Ramses 13 day tour ... it was exactly what we were looking for!

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & attractions | Local transport | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping | Photography & video
Algonquin Provincial Park | Bata Shoe Museum | Casa Loma | Chinatown | CN Tower | Ed Mirvish Theatre | Entertainment District | Island Park | Kensington Market |
Hear about travel to Toronto, Ontario as the Amateur Traveler talks to Erin Hynes from and the Alpaca My Bags podcast about her hometown and Canada’s largest city.

Why should you go to Toronto?

Erin says, “I always tell people to come to Toronto because the city truly has something for everyone. The city has amazing museums shopping, incredible food, nightlife. It’s also just surprisingly green. If you like the outdoors, there’s a lot you can get up to in the city from kayaking to hanging out in parks. What I personally love about the city, and I think what’s kept me here so long is how diverse it is. Every neighborhood is unique and I really just love wandering the various neighborhoods and seeing what I could find. So yeah, it’s just such a vibrant city and really you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for here.”

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Shopping
Skydiving | Dubai Mall | 5 Day Itinerary | Burj Khalifa
This is how to travel Dubai in 2023. Whether you're coming to stand at the top of the world in the Burj Khalifa, go skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah or shop at the Dubai Mall, this city has something for you. The perfect 5 day Dubai itinerary is here for you to make sure you know what to do and where to go in the UAE.

Published : May, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Coffee Farm | Elephant Sanctuary | Gikomba Market | Hiking | Kenyan Culture | Maasai Market | Nairobi National Museum | Nairobi National Park
Also known as the Green City under the Sun, Nairobi is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. It’s a vibrant capital that’s home to a mixture of wildlife, nature, and cultural heritage.

With a national park situated on its outskirts and a Giraffe Centre and Elephant Sanctuary nearby, it’s easy to see why so many visitors are drawn to this city. Besides visiting museums, you can also take a walk along the busy streets and experience the Green City’s historical, cultural, and business side.

As a Kenyan native and someone who’s lived in Nairobi for many years, I love sharing my city and Nairobi secrets. Although some of my favorite spots include tourist attractions, I’ll also share with you some local places, superb nightlife joints, and hidden gems.

Here’s my list of some of the most exciting things to do while in Nairobi.

Published : Apr, 2023

When to visit | Sites & attractions | <$50 day | Local transport | Shopping
Naval Museum of Madrid | Mercado de San Miguel | National Archaeological Museum | Temple of Debod | Plaza Mayor | Prado Museum | El Retiro Park | Palacio Real | Puerta del Sol
Madrid is the capital of Spain and the country’s largest city. With energetic vibes, world-class food, incredible architecture, museums, and a nightlife that stretches until dawn, the city is one of the best in all of Europe and a place most visitors love..

Like its rival Barcelona, Madrid embraces the night. Dinner doesn’t happen until 9pm or 10pm and the partying doesn’t kick off until several hours after that. It’s a city for night owls.

Though it’s somewhat sprawling, Madrid’s numerous neighborhoods are perfect for getting lost in, binging on tapas, and drinking sangria. The warmth of the locals and the slowness of the meals will keep you out late as you soak in the city’s pace. If you embrace the late (and long) meals and the late-night partying and live your life on Madrid’s terms you’ll have a much deeper, enriching visit.

This Madrid travel guide will give you everything you need to know to eat well, save money, and see the best sights the city has to offer!

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Accom (any) | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Nightlife | Shopping
Temple St. Night Market | Po Lin Monastery | Ladies Market | Local Hawker Stalls | Dim Sum & Tea Houses | Peak Tram (funicular railways) | Hiking in HK’s Country Parks | Ocean Park | Symphony of Lights Show | Star
If you’ve ever seen Anthony Bourdain’s dive into Hong Kong in his culinary travelogue series Parts Unknown, you will know by now that Hong Kong is an incredibly eclectic place to explore. It’s a constantly evolving city that not only has a wonderfully diverse range of food to experience but also a rich and vibrant culture ready to be experienced.

For those of you looking to create an itinerary for a trip to Hong Kong in 2023, this guide sheds some light on some of the best tourist attractions and cultural experiences for you to explore.

Published : Apr, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Shopping
Plaza de España | Duty-free | Ross | Ruby Tuesday | Hagatna | Latte Stone Park | Two Lovers Point | Tao Tao Tasi
From its pristine sandy beaches to its rich Chamorro history, this US island territory may be small but it offers an array of activities, attractions, and cuisines that can cater to just about any kind of traveler! I spent 3 days here and I definitely fell in love with Guam.

Are you from the Philippines? Flying to Guam takes only 3.5 hours, making it a great getaway that will offer you the joys of traveling to a US destination — but in a tropical setting!

Published : Mar, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife |
Zip lines | Rainbow Reef | ATV tours | The Wall | Viti Levu | Cageless Shark Diving | Cabbage Patch | Nadi | Suva | Lavena Coastal Walk | Sri
Hear about travel to Fiji (the islands of Viti Levu and Taveuni) as the Amateur Traveler talks to Justin Barnes about his recent trip to this island nation including some pretty amazing scuba diving experiences.

When asked why someone should go to Fiji, Justin says, “Lots of sunshine, lots of green forests, lots of blue ocean, and very kind people. Some of the nicest people we’ve met anywhere on our travels around.”

When a trip to Tonga was canceled by a volcanic eruption and a COVID surge, Justin and his wife Crystal used their tickets on Fiji Airlines to visit two islands in the nation of Fiji instead.

Published : Mar, 2023

Sites & attractions | Accom (any) | Activities: Cultural | Nightlife | Shopping | Wellness
Little Venice | Ano Mera | Agios Sostis | Paradise Beach | Super Paradise Beach | Chora | Mykonos Agricultural Museum | Ornos | Kalo Livadi
Mykonos is one of the most iconic destinations in the Mediterranean with a legendary party scene and an unmatched VIP lifestyle.

Idyllic landscapes, cultural monuments, beautiful Cycladic architecture, crystal-clear waters, powdery shores, boutique shopping opportunities, romantic sunset views, eclectic gastronomy, and the most elegant accommodation options also pamper visitors, answering every demand for exclusivity, privacy, and authenticity.

As for the most suitable places to stay while visiting the Queen of the Cyclades, the following is an illustrative guide to give you an idea of your alternatives.

Published : Mar, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Accom (any) | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Shopping | Photography & video
Dotonbori | Tsutenkaku Tower | Get an ICOCA card | takoyaki squid ball | Osaka Park | Osaka Amazing Pass | Okonomiyaki | Castle & Museum | Namba Station | Osaka Mascots | HEP 5
Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. It is known as the Kitchen of Japan with hearty street food, a friendly spirit, and unique and quirky character. I like to think of it as the wild child of Japan. This is one city, you won’t wanna miss! I’m going to take you through things to know before going to Osaka...

Published : Feb, 2023

Sites & attractions | City tours & passes | Activities: Outdoor | Shopping | Photography & video
Monorail | Seattle Waterfront | Chihuly Garden & Glass | Museum of Pop Culture | Children’s Museum | Snoqualmie Falls & Twin Falls | Museum Of Flight | hop-on hop-off tour | Seattle Center | Green
The reason we visited the US was predominantly to see the national parks along the West Coast.

We were doing a road trip down highway 101 with detours for some of the fantastic parks and cities along the way. In honesty, we were trying to avoid the cities since they’re not so much our thing.

So when we spent time in Seattle with kids, we were completely taken by surprise when we enjoyed it so much. There were so many fun things to do in Seattle for kids!

Published : Feb, 2023

Sites & attractions | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Nightlife | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Jalan Alor | Kuala Kumpur | Jamek Mosque | Cameron Highlands | Taman Tugu | Mossy Forest | Hindu Shrine | Penang | Petronas Towers | Malacca | Langkawi | China Town | Baba-Nonya | Island of Sumatra |
Hear about travel to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sharezal Abdul Wahid the Director of Concierge at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur about his country.

Why should you go to Malaysia? Sharezal says, “I would say for first-timers to Asia, Malaysia will be the best place to experience the region. As you get to experience a multitude of cultures, culinary languages, and traditions. It goes in line with the tourism tagline, Malaysia, truly, Asia”

Published : Feb, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping | Photography & video
Emirates Palace | Lego shop | Yas Waterworld | Corniche | National Geographic Ultimate Explorer | Umm Al Emarat Park | Mangrove kayaking | Xtreme Zone | Al Hudayriyat Island |
We were visiting Dubai and felt we really couldn’t miss out on Abu Dhabi with kids. At only an hours drive from Dubai and direct flights from London to Abu Dhabi itself, this city of glitz and glam with stunning beaches is more than accessible.

Based on an island extending from the mainland into the Arabian Gulf, it’s no surprise the beaches are stunning. The skyline is dominated by skyscraper buildings with some unusual architectural designs.

Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it’s no doubt the city has some incredible landmarks such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace...

Published : Feb, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Shopping
Casa Lis | Convent of San Esteban | Central Market | Plaza Mayor | Salamanca University | Cielo de Salamanca | Casa de las Conchas
You know those places where you look around and don’t even know where to begin because you’re in awe of absolutely everything?
Where you are constantly tripping over the cobbled streets because you’re looking up and around and not where you’re going?

For me, that is Salamanca, Spain.

Salamanca, a small city in the Castile y León region of Spain, is most famous for its university, which, having been founded in 1218, is the oldest in Spain and one of the oldest in the world.

The city dates back to Celtic times and went through the similar ebbs and flows as the rest of Spain throughout the centuries. Having been conquered by the Romans and Muslims, eventually changing hands to the Catholic kings, Salamanca reached the height of its splendor in the 16th Century.

These days, students give this UNESCO Heritage Site a youthful vibrancy as trendy bars and restaurants intermingle among centuries of religious and intellectual history. It’s the best of both worlds.
From students coming from all over Spain to party, to those of us wanting to explore the historical sites and end the day with a glass of wine in floodlit Plaza Mayor, Salamanca has something to offer everyone for a weekend away. And spending a night here is a must.

While the modern city is somewhat underwhelming, the old town is where you will find the most spectacular architecture and all of the major tourist attractions.

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping | Photography & video
Theme Park Capital of the World | Florida Mall | Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Epcot | Hollywood Studios | Animal Kingdom | Harry P. Leu Gardens | Universal Orlando Resort | Orlando Science
Orlando, often recognized as the land of animated characters and roller coaster rides, offers an experience that extends beyond its world-renowned theme parks. This multifaceted city in the heart of Florida has a myriad of places to visit in Orlando, catering to travelers of all tastes and interests. From tranquil nature retreats to bustling shopping districts and culinary hotspots, the diversity of attractions in Orlando presents a captivating blend of adventure and relaxation.

Beyond the familiar enchantment of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, the city conceals a trove of lesser-known attractions waiting to be discovered. Among the top attractions in Orlando are the serene Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando, the beautiful Harry P. Leu Gardens, and vibrant cultural destinations such as the Orlando Science Center and The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art.

Each of these places to visit in Orlando offers unique insights into the city’s rich tapestry of experiences, making it much more than just a theme park destination. So, let’s dive in and explore the full spectrum of what Orlando has to offer!

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping | Photography & video
bike ride along waterfront | Cabbagetown | designer boutiques | financial & tech hubs | High Park | Kensington Market | low crime rate | museums & galleries | parks &
Are you considering a move to Toronto that offers a perfect blend of cultural diversity, natural beauty, and exciting opportunities? Look no further than Toronto, the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Ontario, Canada. With its thriving city life, stunning green spaces, world-class dining, and thriving arts and culture scene, Toronto has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the best things to do in Toronto and why it’s an excellent choice for relocation.

Toronto is a bustling metropolis situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is the most populous city in Canada and is renowned for its cultural mosaic and welcoming atmosphere. Home to over 200 ethnic groups, Toronto embraces diversity and offers a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions.

Published : Dec, 2022

Activities: Cultural | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Kachikally Crocodile Pool | Albert Market | Makasutu Culture Forest | Bakau Fish Market | Bijilo Forest Park | River Gambia National Park | Kotu Beach
The Gambia is a country in West Africa. It is popularly known for its beaches on the Atlantic coastline. It is also the smallest country in mainland Africa that’s why traveling around the country is very easy. However, planning is still necessary when going here.

For this reason, we made this article for you so you can prepare just in time before your trip to this country.

Published : Nov, 2022

Sites & attractions | Nightlife | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Religious Landmarks | Parks | Flower Dome | Supertree Grove | Floral Fantasy | Museums | Singapore Botanic Gardens | Marina Bay Sands | Cloud Forest | Green Spaces | Zoo
Singapore is well-known for being a bustling global financial center as well as for being one of the most expensive cities in the world — however, despite these facts, this city-state metropolis remains to be one of Asia’s top travel picks given its array of activities, dining, and shopping options that won’t blow away anyone’s holiday budget!

(Things to do in Singapore)
Some would also say that the reason for Singapore’s allure amongst tourists is on how it’s one of the cleanest and safest destinations in the world. Combine that with its melting pot of cultures and fascinating mix of old and new architecture, there’s sure to be something here for just about anyone.

Published : Nov, 2022

Health & safety | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
Appropriate Clothing | Spiritual Scams | Bargaining | SIM card | Travel Insurance | Slow Pace | Culture Shock
Travelling in India can be an experience of a lifetime. The culture and colours dazzle visitors who come to explore this ancient land. India is an emerging economy, and its tourism industry continues to grow yearly. Thus, making it a favorite destination for visitors of all nationalities. India offers tourists a wealth of attractions, religious, travelling, and sightseeing. It is also a country with its fair share of political and social unrest, which can be daunting for those visiting India for the first time. There are many amazing things about this wonderful country that you should know before visiting. Being aware of these will make travelling in India even better.

Published : Oct, 2022

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Nightlife | Shopping
Shibuya | Don Quijote | Hachiko Statue | Shimokitazawa | Meiji Shrine | Harajuku | Yoyogi Park | Shinjuku | Takeshita Dori | Robot Restaurant | Omotesando | Crossing | Love Hotel Hill
Japan is one of my top favorite destinations, and if you’ve been following my journey, it’s an obvious fact because I’ve been doing multiple visits there every year — most of which are to the capital city of Tokyo.

(Tokyo Itinerary)
Now of course, who hasn’t heard of this vibrant city full of ancient traditions that are wonderfully contrasted by its bustling modernity? It’s definitely on everyone’s travel bucket list; and I’m sure that much like everyone else, you also want to make the most of this trip minus the stress of planning out your trip.

Published : Sep, 2022

When to visit | How to get there | Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
De Wilde Zee | Lambermontmartre | De Keyserlei | Christmas Market | Central Station | Vrijdagmarkt | Rubens Market | Diamond District | Exotic Market | Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal | Meir | Antique Market | Vlaeykensgang | De
Antwerp may be a small metropolis, but it’s definitely a vast treasure trove of sights and experiences! Over the years up to today, people have called it a lot of things: the city of diamonds, the city of fashion, the city on the Scheldt, the city of Rubens, the port city… Yet for me, I call it the city that is my new ‘home‘.

Surely, there is a high chance that I will be moving away soon since I live a nomadic lifestyle; however, I will forever call Antwerp “one of my homes, away from home” since it was fairly easy for me to fall head over heels with it.

Published : Aug, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Al-Murabba Palace | Diriyah | Saad bin Saud Palace | Deerah Gold Souq | Riyadh (main financial hub & capital) | Al Masmak Fortress | Al Rajhi Grand Mosque
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich history to share with the rest of the world. Riyadh is the main financial hub and capital of this diverse country. It is also known as the cultural center of Saudi Arabia.
This guide will take a closer look at some of the most popular historical sites you can visit here. These sites are only a few of the many you’ll find in this country with its rich historical heritage...

Published : Aug, 2022

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Cheap accom | Luxury accom | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Shopping
Fairy Chimneys | Sunset View | Pottery Kebab | Pigeon Valley | Underground City | Hot Air Balloon | Sleep In Cave | Göreme Open Air Museum | Souvenirs | Churches
Are you planning to travel to Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey, soon? Read our tips below on the things to do in Göreme, Cappadocia, with suggested tours.

Göreme, Cappadocia is a famous town in Turkey one should not miss when visiting the country. The Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1985. With fairy chimneys, hot air balloon rides, and cave suites, you would surely have a memorable trip. Do you have an expired visa? Renewing your expired Turkey eVisa is simple. Explore Goreme!

Published : Aug, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Shopping
Forbidden City | Art District | Greate Wall | Jingshan Hill | Silk Market | Tiananmen Square | Summer Palace | Hutong | Peking Duck
In this guide, I’ll take you on a tour of the best things to do in Beijing. I’ll also make sure to include plenty of tips to help you make the most out of your visit and not get stuck at tourist traps.

Published : Jul, 2022

When to visit | How to get there | Sites & attractions | Health & safety | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Elephant Nature Park | Wat Phra That Doi Suthep | Wat Phra Singh | Doi Inthanon National Park | Wat Chedi Luang | Mae Sa Waterfall | Wat Sri
Called the ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai is located 700km north of the capital city of Bangkok (BKK) and it’s also the second (2nd) largest city in Thailand.

(Things to do in Chiang Mai)
However, it only has 200,000 people compared to BKK (which has 9 million) — so, you can imagine how a lot of tourists would prefer to travel here on a holiday especially if they’re looking for a laid-back Thai adventure.

Published : Jul, 2022

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Cheap accom | Luxury accom | Activities: Cultural | City tours & passes | Shopping
War Remnants Museum | Mekong Delta Cruise | Saigon Skydeck | Dam Sen Cultural Park | Buu Long Temple | Book Street | Cu Chi Tunnels | Tao Dan Park | French Buildings | Ben Thanh Market
Are you planning to travel to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, soon? Read our tips below on the things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, with suggested tours.

Previously known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s biggest city. This place has a lot of history as they were occupied by the Khmer Empire, the French, and even undergone a war. There might be some bad history, but right now, Ho Chi Minh is thriving and is considered one of the best in South East Asia. With many tours and a lot to know, you would not be bored with this place. Know what to do in Ho Chi Minh City in our article!

Published : Jul, 2022

Sites & attractions | Nightlife | Shopping
Avenue of Stars | Tung Ping Chau | Yuen Po Bird Garden | The Peak | Outlying Islands | Blue House | Causeway Bay | Dragon’s Back | Shek O Beach | Kowloon Park | Wetland Park | Disneyland | HK Park
If you’re looking for an exciting travel destination, look no further than Hong Kong! This vibrant city is home to some of the most captivating attractions in the world. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or nature lover, Hong Kong has something for everyone.

Join me as we explore our top picks of things to do in Hong Kong, from the best places to visit to stunning attractions (and more). So put on your sightseeing shoes and get ready to explore!

Published : Jul, 2022

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Cultural | Shopping
Clarke Quay | The Singapore Flyer (Singapore’s London Eye) | Orchard Road | Haji Lane & Muslim Quarter | China Town | Little India | Gardens By The Bay | Buddha Tooth Relic Temple | The Merlion | Marina Bay Sands
I’m based in Thailand, so Singapore is right on my doorstep. Every time I need to leave Thailand, I often travel to Singapore for a weekend away. I know now the perfect 2 day Singapore Itinerary, so let me help you with your trip!

I hate checking blogs for help and they talk too much so don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple, so you can enjoy your tour to Singapore, and lean on my itinerary to help you. First I’ll lay out the 5 things to do in Singapore that you can’t miss, then a more detailed step-by-step Singapore itinerary. Check it out.

Published : Jul, 2022

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White Tower & Bloody Tower | Jack the Ripper tour | Buckingham Palace | gawk at Crown Jewels | Regent`s Canal | Oxford St. | Tower Bridge | Covent Garden Market | Carnaby St. | Westminster Abbey | Harry Potter Studio
London is one of the most-visited cities in the world. I myself have been to London more than a dozen times, and have cumulatively spent months in the UK capital.

What I love about London is probably what a lot of other people love about it, too: the fact that London is dynamic. It's full of history but also modernity...

And while I enjoy discovering new things to do and see in London on each trip, there's no denying that the city's top attractions are popular for good reason...

Published : Jun, 2022

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Piazzale Michelangelo | Mercato Centrale | Trip to Pisa | Ponte Vecchio | Boboli Gardens | Uffizi Gallery
A trip to Florence is a dream-come-true. This historic Italian city is overflowing with classic art, intriguing architecture, beautiful views, and delectable cuisine.

Whether you visit for a weekend or stay for a few months, your time in Florence is sure to be memorable. To make the most out of your trip, check out this list of awesome things to do in Florence, Italy.

Published : Jun, 2022

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Zhishan Garden | Raohe Street Night Market | Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines | Huahsi | Chiang Kai-Shek (CKS) Memorial Hall | Tonghua Night Market | National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall | New Taiwan Dollar |
Taiwan is a stunning island nation that is smacked right between the countries of Japan and the Philippines.

In fact, as someone who has grown up in the islands of Batanes (the northernmost place in the Philippines), Taiwan has since been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit.

After all, we are actually closer to its borders so our radios would often pick up their stations; not to mention that our dialect (Ivatan) is even linguistically similar to the Taiwanese aborigine languages — that being said, these were enough reasons to pique my curiosity of Taiwan.

Published : Jun, 2022

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One Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant | Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade | Mong Kok | Observation Deck | Museum of History | Victoria Harbour | Tsim Sha Tsui | Kowloon
Hong Kong is the first place abroad that I have traveled to; but on that particular trip, what I mainly did was just eat and shop as I accompanied a friend of mine back in university.

So when I was able to finally come back again to do a more proper ‘tour’ of the city, I did my best to cover as many activities and attractions as possible! And today, I am sharing with you my 5-day Hong Kong itinerary, which also includes a day trip to the nearby city of Macau. Plus, it includes an array of other must-dos that you can consider doing in case you have more days to spare or if you have a different travel style.

But before I go on, I think it’s best that I give you a bit of background about the geographical area of Hong Kong because a lot of people actually have this misconception that there’s not much to do there, or that there’s not much green at all — two things that are absolutely NOT true.

Published : May, 2022

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Lady of Lourdes (RC) Silence Center | Escher in the Palace | Sawmill de Salamander | Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery | Inner Court & Hall of Knights | Skyview De Pier | Kunstmuseum | Scheveningen Beach | Museum Beelden aan Zee |
Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in the Hague (Netherlands), along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest...