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Published : Jul, 2023

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Hear about an itinerary for travel to Azerbaijan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Australian journalist Emily Lush who is based in nearby Kutaisi, Georgia.

Why should you visit Azerbaijan?

Emily says, “It’s really fascinating from a cultural point of view. Being in the Caucasus, it’s got those great mountain areas for hiking. It’s a misunderstood country in a lot of ways. It’s quite young and it has this really Interesting history with all different influences.”

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites and attractions | Suggested itinerary | Cultural Activities
Baku | Ganja | Sheki | Quba | Lahic | Gabala | Lake Goygol | Lankaran | Gobustan National Park | Ateshgah | Absheron National Park | Goygol National Park | Caspian Sea
Ask a random passerby on the street what they know about Azerbaijan and you’re likely to get a blank stare back. Azerbaijan who? For years, this little nation in the Caucasus has flown under the radar of most backpackers, but as both travellers and digital nomads have started making eyes at its northerly neighbour Georgia, Azerbaijan is now getting more attention than ever.

Known as the Land of Oil and Fire, Azerbaijan has capitalised its unique geological ground and made big bucks on drilling oil, but this new-found wealth is not the only reason for its nickname. The arid, desert landscape hides reserves of natural gas underneath, bubbling up with ever-burning fire in the most unlikely places. From naturally burning blaze on the mountains to Baku’s emblematic Flame Towers, your trip to Azerbaijan is definitely going be, as kool kids would say, lit.