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Published : Jun, 2023

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Traveling is a great opportunity, and being able to travel on a budget makes it easier for people to travel. Remember to spend less money on a single adventure and keep saving for other adventures as well. Even traveling on a budget doesn’t mean there aren’t many fun things to do. Turkey is the destination of fun and frolic...

From carefully planning your travel budget before you leave, to backpacking and car sharing, to choices you make while traveling, there are many ways to save money while traveling. Some of these tips are listed below...

Published : Jun, 2023

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Mean Girls wear pink on Wednesday. Yerevan does that every day.

Known as the “Pink City”, the capital of Armenia is a glistening, glittering metropolis that tourists and backpackers alike are just starting to discover.

If the Caucasus region is under-travelled, then Yerevan surely is even more so. As the bigger influx of travellers crowd to Armenia’s northern neighbour Georgia, this country and its awaiting capital are left with too little love.

Well, that’s good news for a backpacker that likes exploring without hordes of tourists.

Whether you’re planning a backpacking trip to Armenia or just planning to visit Yerevan as a weekend trip from Georgia, this epic Yerevan travel guide is a great intro to all the things that make Yerevan so unique. Find out where to wine and dine, how to get around, the best attractions in Yerevan – and where all the cool kidz hang.

And by the end of the trip you might find yourself completely unprepared to leave. This is just the beginning of the Armenian adventure!

Published : Sep, 2022

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What a sweet time I had on my delightful Turkish adventure! Visiting Turkiye solo on a group tour was a beautiful experience.

Bordering Europe and Asia, Turkiye (formerly Turkey) sits in a unique spot between east and west. I thought I was knowledgeable about Turkiye before I arrived, but once there I realized that I knew very little about this beautiful and historic country. I was glad for the opportunity to fill this knowledge gap in my brain.

My First Impressions of Istanbul
Istanbul is more modern in appearance than I had expected for a city with such a long history. Most large historical cities, like the ones found in Western Europe, usually have a clearer separation between the ancient and the modern.
In Istanbul, I feel they have found a way to mix modern and ancient together so well that you don’t even notice that an ancient monument is next to a modern structure. I feel this aesthetic is also reflected in the general population everyday. As you explore Turkiye solo, you’ll see those dressed in very traditional attire next to those who look like they’ve just stepped off a runway in Paris, but neither looks out of place on the streets of Istanbul.
I was very fortunate to be hosted by Exodus Travels during my stay in Turkiye on their premium tour of Istanbul and Cappadocia. As always, their premium tours include a named expert local guide. For this tour we were lucky to have Semih Eser–who has over 30 years of experience designing and guiding tours in Turkiye–as our primary guide.

We were lucky to also have a bonus guide on our tour as we were joined by renowned National Geographic explorer, filmmaker, photographer, and Chapter Chair of the Explorers Club, George Kourounis. In addition to his incredible insights, it was reassuring to have someone like George along who is equally comfortable while surrounded by great white sharks or standing on the crater’s edge of an exploding volcano. Who needs Bear Grylls when one has George Kourounis?

Published : Apr, 2022

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This is how to travel Istanbul in 2022 on a budget. Istanbul Turkey is a BIG city so let me help you with the best things to do, the top destinations, and even some of the best restaurants.

Published : Aug, 2021

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If you have a trip planned to Istanbul or you might visit this grand city at some point, this perfect week in Istanbul post is for you…

During my 21 years of travel, I’ve visited Istanbul about 20 times. It’s a convenient place to stop for a few days in between other destinations and over the years, I’ve built up a long list of my favorite spots around the city that I love to return to over and over again. Right now I’m finishing up my latest visit to Istanbul and it was just as rewarding as every visit before it!