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Published : May, 2023

Sites and attractions | Nature and wildlife | Photography or video
Dune 45 | Deadvlei | Dune 39 | The Dead Forest | Hidden Vlei | Sesriem Canyon | Wildlife: Oryx-Springbok-Ostrich | Photography Tour | Best Time of Yr. for Photography
Namibia is full of photo opportunities. In fact, I’ve written a massive guide about photographing the entire country. The opportunities are just endless. I’ve been to Sossusvlei almost 10 times on various photo trips – from photo workshops to personal adventures. Each time I find new photos. Each time I’m more awe-struck by the beauty of this place.

So, I wanted to write a bit of a guide to Sossusvlei. A guide focused entirely on photography. I hope it helps you get the best images possible.

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites and attractions | Nature and wildlife
Sossusvlei | Dune 45 | Namib Desert | Deadvlei | Down Corruption Bar | Quiver Tree Forest | Kaokoland | Damaraland | Kavango River | Luderitz Peninsula | Bwabwata National Park | Gondwana Canyon Village
There are so many things to do in Namibia that it can overwhelming to plan a trip around the desert country. Namibia is a country unlike any other and sits at the top of our list of favorite places in the world.

I remember our trip to Namibia like it was yesterday. The deep red sand, the silence of the desert air, wild animals, desert tribes, and encompassing landscape all grab ahold of you. Namibia is like another planet. We talk about returning to many countries, but Namibia will be a reality.

On top of that, it’s one of the easiest and safest countries in Africa to travel around. Just like us, Namibia will enchant and leave you yearning to explore more. This is surprising as the country is empty and the population is sparse, but don’t be deceived. There are so many wonderful things to do in Namibia. Wondering what to do in Namibia?