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Published : Oct, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Barranco de Masca (Masca Gorge Trail) | Barranco del Infierno | Benijo to Faro de Anaga Circuit Trail | Sombrero De Chasna | Teide route | Pico Viejo | PR-TF 41 Playa de El Socorro – Pico del Teide | Las Ventanas de Güimar |
Nestled in the heart of the Canary Islands, Tenerife stands as a testament to nature’s boundless artistry. This enchanting island, often referred to as the “Island of Eternal Spring,” offers a captivating tapestry of landscapes, from dramatic volcanic peaks to verdant forests and pristine coastlines. But perhaps the best way to immerse yourself in Tenerife’s natural wonders is through its extensive network of hiking trails.

So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack, and prepare to discover Tenerife’s top 10 hiking trails.

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Skiing | Snowboarding | cycling | Nordmarka | Hovedøya | Gressholmen | Lindøya | Parks and Gardens | Frogner Park | Monolith | Angry Boy | Wheel of Life | Oslo Botanical Garden | Ekebergparken |
Oslo may be famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, but for travelers, Oslo stands as a testament to nature’s unparalleled beauty somehow  seamlessly blended with urban sophistication.

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway situated on the country’s southern coast at the northern end of the Oslofjord, Oslo has a rich history dating back to the Viking Age and is known for hosting the annual Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

While many people visit Oslo to dine on incredible seafood, visit the city’s numerous museums that include the Munch Museum which displays the works of Edvard Munch, and possibly to see its architecture like the Oslo Opera House, there’s no denying that Oslo’s nature reigns supreme and is the biggest drawcard that entices people to come.

Published : Aug, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Boiling Lake | Canyoning | Dominica Museum | Dominica’s Festivals | Emerald Pool | Hiking | Indian River | Kalinago Culture | spa | Titou Gorge | Trafalgar Falls | Waitukubuli National Trail | Whale Watching
Upon landing in Dominica, located in the Caribbean, you’ll be met by a valley covered in waterfalls and trees. It’s a true pearl of the Caribbean islands and there are many things to do in Dominica.

This island, also referred to as Nature Island, is one of the most sought-after diving regions in the world due to its diverse marine life and wild rainforests.

Compared to other nearby countries, visitors to the island don’t crowd the streets and villages of its cities. Instead, they can explore the island at their own pace. Take a dolphin or whale watching tour, hike the many varieties of hiking trails, or go scuba diving!

Published : Aug, 2023

When to visit | How to get there | Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Cruises | Svalbard | Longyearbyen | Polar Nights | Plata Fiala | Pyramiden | Barentsburg
Hear about travel to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cherie Gonzales from about her home north of the Arctic Circle.

Why should you go to Svalbard?

Cherie says, “Someone should go to Svalbard if you are adventurous and you love being outside and you want to experience the natural beauty and just really connect with nature without any interruptions. Then Svalbard is really the perfect destination for you. It has new landscapes, new experiences, in the summer.”

Published : Jul, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Local transport | Accom (any) | City tours & passes | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
camping | Sand Dune Tour | North Breakwater Light | Lake Michigan | Stearns Park Beach | Big Sable Point Lighthouse | Hamlin Beach & Lake | State Park |
Ludington is known as a relaxing beach town as it is home to 28 miles of sandy beaches, sand dunes, and the water of Lake Michigan. Beyond the shores of Lake Michigan, there are a ton of things to do in Ludington!

We just returned from a four-night trip to Ludington with the kids on a fun little summer road trip vacation. We took the S.S. Badger car ferry over. That way, we could have our own car with us. We stayed in the cutest little cabin on Hamlin Lake at Hobby Crest Resort.

When planning our trip to Ludington, we put together a big list of all the things to do in Ludington Michigan we wanted to do and the best restaurants we wanted to eat at. We covered a ton of ground in four days in Ludington, and our kids had a blast...

Published : Jul, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Local transport | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor
Kynalik | Heydar Aliyev Center | Shivan Shah Palace | Esher Esher | Flame Towers | Gabala | Lahic | Quba | Baku | Skiing | Hiking | Yanadag | Nakhchivan | Machu Picchu | Alinjagala Fortress |
Hear about an itinerary for travel to Azerbaijan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Australian journalist Emily Lush who is based in nearby Kutaisi, Georgia.

Why should you visit Azerbaijan?

Emily says, “It’s really fascinating from a cultural point of view. Being in the Caucasus, it’s got those great mountain areas for hiking. It’s a misunderstood country in a lot of ways. It’s quite young and it has this really Interesting history with all different influences.”

Published : Jul, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Outdoor
Diving | Hiking | Stargazing | Las Vegas | Seven Magic Mountains | Helicopter Ride | Valley of Fire | Lake Mead | Rhylite Ghost Town | International Car Forest | Tonopah | Eureka
An epic Nevada road trip itinerary that includes the must-sees and some local favorite spots!

After living and exploring Nevada in the past 3 years, here are some of my favorite spots that you must see on an epic road trip. If you like solitude, nature and all things quirky and amazing, Nevada is the perfect road trip destination for you.

Published : Jul, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Wellness | Photography & video
Butrint | Lëkurësi Castle | Taverna Pshkatari | Ionian Sea | Sarandë | Tirana | Ksamil | Corfu | Gjirokaster | Hiking | Llogara Pass | Vlorë | Durrës | Ohrid | Navaricë | Vergo
Hear about travel to Albania as the Amateur Traveler talks to Norm Bour from about the country where they spent nearly 6 months as expats.

Why should you go to Albania?

Norm says,

“Travel is back. I think anyone who’s listening to this is either a wannabe or a real traveler, and unfortunately, along with the fact that travel is back comes everything that goes with it, including the crowds and including the fact that everything is [more expensive]. There are certain countries, primarily Eastern Europe where the affordability factor is really strong. Turkey being one where we spent about eight or nine months, and Albania being the second one.”

Published : Jul, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Rafting | Biking | Water Sports | Parga | Vikos Gorge | Kipina Monastery | Plaka Arch Bridge | Epirus Riviera | Valtos Beach | Monolithi Beach | Preveza | Zagori Stone Bridge | Trixoto Bridge | Mount Tymfi | Aoos Lake
Looking for places to visit in Greece that are off the beaten path? Epirus is the best-kept secret in Greece with Beaches, mountains, adventure, and beautiful villages. This fascinating region has something for everyone.

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The Best Things to do in Epirus Greece

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Lake Bled | Rowing | Skocjan Caves | Ljubljana | Metelkova | Lake Bohinj | Vintgar Gorge | Zmajski Most | Mestni Square | Predjamski Grad
Slovenia is a country that reaches out and grabs you with its natural beauty from its small but captivating coastline to views of the stunning Julian Alps, this is a place for outdoor lovers to fall in love with the scenery–without breaking the bank.

Thre are a lot of things to do in Slovenia at bargain European prices.

It provides amazing value.

Travelers who don’t pass this small country over for its better-known neighbors of Italy, Austria and Croatia (as well as a small sliver of Hungary) are greatly rewarded.

Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Nightlife | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Diving | Snorkeling | Hiking | Santiago | La Paz | Malecón | Bird Watching | Cabo San Lucas | Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park | San Dionisio Canyon | Hotsprings | Waterslides | Playa Balandra | Playa
Hear about travel to Baja California Sur in Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to Rebecca Agiewich, the Ambivalent Part-time Expat, about her recent road trip south of the border.

Why should you go to Baja California Sur?

Rebecca says, “Someone should go to Baja California Sur for the beautiful nature and outdoor activities that are available, especially if you’re interested in water-related activities. So we’re talking diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, swimming, boat tours, and seeing all kinds of marine life. On the Sea of Cortez side, although now it’s called the Gulf of California, you have this amazing and unique juxtaposition of the sea on one side and then the desert on the other side, and it’s so striking and so austerely beautiful.”

Published : May, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife | Shopping
Coffee Farm | Elephant Sanctuary | Gikomba Market | Hiking | Kenyan Culture | Maasai Market | Nairobi National Museum | Nairobi National Park
Also known as the Green City under the Sun, Nairobi is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. It’s a vibrant capital that’s home to a mixture of wildlife, nature, and cultural heritage.

With a national park situated on its outskirts and a Giraffe Centre and Elephant Sanctuary nearby, it’s easy to see why so many visitors are drawn to this city. Besides visiting museums, you can also take a walk along the busy streets and experience the Green City’s historical, cultural, and business side.

As a Kenyan native and someone who’s lived in Nairobi for many years, I love sharing my city and Nairobi secrets. Although some of my favorite spots include tourist attractions, I’ll also share with you some local places, superb nightlife joints, and hidden gems.

Here’s my list of some of the most exciting things to do while in Nairobi.

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Biking | Nyaung-U | Archaeological Zone | The Ananda | Hot-Air Balloon Ride | Shwesandaw | Thatbyinnyu | Shwe Zigon | Mount Papa
We climbed to the highest point in Bagan to try and fathom the density of ancient Buddhist monuments that flooded the plains. The flat, dusty swath of land with skinny cattle grazing on crab grass wouldn’t seem like a desirable place to build the first capital of Myanmar…but the 2,200 temples, stupas, and monasteries tell you, this is one of the most magical places on Earth. The abundance of 9th-13th-century buildings and the lack of people wandering between them made each exquisite structure feel like a treasure tucked away just for us.

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Christ the Redeemer | Carnaval | Escadaria Selarón | Pao de Acucar | Urubu mountain | Copacabana | El Señor | Blocos | Sambadromo Parade | Costume Graveyard
They say Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is the ultimate party…and they aren’t lying! We spent six days in the thick of it all–street parties, grand-stand parades, costume balls, and somehow we even managed a little sightseeing.

For a little culture amongst the madness, we snuck to the stairs of Escadaria Selarón. It’s a project that has been in motion since 1990, where artist Jorge Selarón has gathered tiles from 60 countries around the world to bring them to his multi-flight masterpiece.

When you visit Rio, a trip up Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf) is a must. We hiked the first half called Urubu mountain, which we HIGHLY recommend. Great views, exotic fruit trees, and tons of monkeys…What more could you ask for?

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor
Dolphin Watching | Fort Soledad | ATV Ride | Chamorro Village | Jet Ski | Hiking | Snorkeling | swimming | Bikini Island Club | Tumon Beach | Gun Beach | Ypao Beach | Maurizo
Guam is a small tropical island destination in Micronesia that’s arguably overshadowed by its popular ‘neighbors’ such as that of Hawaii or Indonesia — but what a lot of tourists don’t know is that it’s the closest U.S. soil to Asia and that it is definitely a hidden gem of sorts. (Things to Do in Guam)

From its pristine sandy beaches to its rich Chamorro history, this US territory offers an array of activities, attractions, and cuisines that can cater to just about any kind of traveler. In fact, I have been to this magical island two times now and I still can’t get enough of it!

Spanning about 549 sq. km, it is also a joy to drive through the island as you take it easy to visit various key spots. If you ask me, this is my top favorite must-do when on the island.

Overall, it might seem daunting at first to plan the perfect Guam itinerary but fret not! With the help of this post that’s based on my experiences, you can easily narrow down the top things to do in Guam so that no matter if you’re planning to visit for only a few days (or more), you’ll be making the most of your trip!

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Bars & pubs | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Soufrière Hills Volcano | Plymouth | Montserrat Volcano Observatory | Jack Boy Hill | Woodlands Beach | Rendezvous Beach | Isles Bay Beach
Hear about travel to the Island of Montserrat as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dan Dekker about his visits to this island with an active volcano.

Why should you go to Montserrat?

Dan says, “We did two trips in the winter several years ago, and then we always wanted to do a longer trip and we have kids, so we went this summer or last summer for two weeks and stayed two weeks in the summertime, which is definitely their off-season. But why we keep going back, it’s just so quiet, and relaxing. I try to like, think of a good way to sum up Montserrat, and my favorite way is to say, if a cruise ship is your perfect dream vacation, then Montserrat is not for you. If you wanna be around 3,000 other tourists and have a giant corporation prepare your meals every night, that is not Montserrat.”

Published : Apr, 2023

When to visit | How to get there | Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor
Sailing Lesson | Palais de l’Île | Biking | Chateau de Menthon-Saint Bernard | Annecy le Vieux | Promenade du Thiou | Annecy Castle | Jardins de l’Europe | Lover’s Bridge | Lake Tour | Waterskiing | Lake Annecy | Hiking | Old Town
While France is full of charming places, my favorite has to be the mountain town of Annecy. From lake cruising to farmer’s markets — here are the best things to do in Annecy, France!

Annecy is a beautiful lake town in the Haute-Savoie region of France surrounded by mountains on the edge of the Swiss border. The lake, Lac d’Annecy, boasts some of the freshest water in Europe, replenished each year from the snow melt.

The town isn’t too big — or too small either. With a very walk-able and bike friendly atmosphere, you can spend many lazy afternoons exploring local shops, snacking at fresh food markets, or take a picnic in one of the many parks.

We spent 2-months living in Annecy as digital nomads with our two kids and cat, and absolutely loved it! So here are some of our best tips for activities and great things to do in Annecy, France.

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Health & safety | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Twin Peaks | Wan Chai Green Trail | MacLehose Trail | Dragon’s Back | Bay Kap Lung Ancient Trail | High Junk Peak | Sunset Peak | Kowloon Peak
The semi-autonomous trading province of Hong Kong is world famous as a big, gleaming metropolis. It’s a Mecca of high-rise buildings and bustling streets. In fact you could easily be fooled into thinking this region was simply a city and nothing more. But you’d be wrong…

With its skyscrapers vs. sea and mountains outlook, hiking in Hong Kong is more natural than you’d think. The undeveloped, hilly terrain hugging high-rises, makes hikes here exciting, challenging, and they come with the bonus of awe-inspiring views of the city sprawl.

In a region that’s more known for night markets and rooftop bars, the hiking scene here is underrated. Lucky for you, because that (often) means uncrowded trails.

Like anywhere in the world, you’ll need to be prepared on any of its trails. But it’s totally worth it. As long as you have the right knowledge and kit, you’ll have the most unforgettable trip ever.

To help you out we’ve created this handy guide to hiking in Hong Kong, listing the best hikes, how to get to them, what to take with you, and more. Let’s get hiking!

Published : Apr, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Safari | Boat Safari | Entebbe | Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary | Murchison Falls National Park | Freedom Falls | Chimpanzee trek | Queen Elizabeth National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Hear about going on safari in Uganda as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jagdeep Sahni about his recent trip to this East African country.

Why should you go to Uganda?

Jagdeep says, “It’s really the big selection of landscapes and natural beauty. If you’re a wildlife or nature enthusiast, it packs a big punch with a broad selection. you see the Savannah wetland swamps lakes. The Nile River has a big presence. And of course, the rainforest with wildlife Uganda is most famous, for primate viewing, especially the endangered mountain gorillas in the rainforest.”

Published : Mar, 2023

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Kayaking | Wisconsin Dells | Milwaukee | Madison | Green Bay | Eau Claire | Door County | Sheboygan | Chippewa River | Paul Bunyon | Babe the Blue Ox statues | Root Beer
Hear about travel to the state of Wisconsin as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dannelle Gay from about her home state.

Why should you go to Wisconsin?

Dannelle says, “It is a great place to explore. It’s got its stunning natural beauty unique history and just a vibrant culture. From the great outdoors to lively cities, there’s literally something for everyone. If you are a foodie, this is a mecca of flavor for your palate. Just because so many different ethnicities settled here. When you tie in the farm to fork community, it is amazing. So outdoor experiences, urban attractions, whatever you’re looking for. Wisconsin has it all.”

Published : Mar, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Clifton Heritage National Park | Primeval Forest National Park | Nassau Straw Market | Cloisters | Parasailing | Cabbage Beach | Lucayan National Park | Thunderball Grotto | Stocking Island | Pirate Beach |
Pillowy soft sand, baby-blue water, and everything that makes a tropical destination feel like a dream — that’s what you can expect when you visit the Bahamas. This picture-perfect island nation has some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, but the beauty doesn’t stop there. Visitors who come to bask in the sun on a beach chair, drink in hand, often miss out on the other amazing places this vibrant archipelago has to offer.

From swimming with pigs in the Exumas to exploring the second-deepest blue hole in the world, here are the top things to do in the Bahamas, including many exciting adventures that might surprise you:

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor
Glasgow | Stirling Castle | St Andrews | National Monument | Nelson Monument | Salisbury Crags | Mons Meg canon | National War Museum | Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo | Scottish Parliament Building | National Museum of Scotland | Gladstone’s Land
Hear about fun things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dan from the Zipping Around the World podcast about his recent trip to the capital of Scotland.

In answer to the question of why someone should go to Edinburgh, Dan says, “The history. If you like a little whiskey, if you like, just greenery, it’s just a wonderful place to go. The people are wonderful English-speaking, so it’s easy for a lot of people to cast their net first. So all those things encompass why you’d want to go to Scotland.”

Published : Jan, 2023

Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Mountain Biking | Mountain Climbing | Via Ferrata | Canyoning | White Water Rafting
Traveling alone is no longer terribly daunting. In fact, it is now seen as a common and wonderful way for people to avoid travel regret. Why not head out on your own? There’s no reason to wait when the world provides so many rich experiences for solo travelers to enjoy as well.

Some of those memorable experiences involve being active. Mountain sports, for example, involve activities that can be perfectly-suited to solo travelers given their focus on connecting with nature and relying on ourselves to move around. And there is perhaps no better place than the French Alps for such activities.

Fun-filled active holidays in French Alps can provide a fascinating experience, one that allows you to discover other cultures, partake in a variety of adventures, build confidence and create long-lasting memories on the way.

Published : Jan, 2023

When to visit | Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Snorkeling | surfing | Hiking | Whale Watching | Weather | Finding Deals
Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People flock to its beaches, resorts, and tropical atmosphere all year round.

But when is the best time to visit Hawaii? And why?

In this blog post, we will explore how to plan your trip based on activities, the different aspects of Hawaii’s climate, and give you a month-by-month guide on when to go.

Published : Jan, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Accom (any) | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Skiing | Montusi Mountain Lodge | Horseback | Drakensberg Amphitheater | Tugela Falls | Clarens | Golden Gate National Park | The Kingdom in the Sky | Snowboarding | Maletsunyane Falls
The Drakensberg mountains in South Africa are a destination not to be missed. They can be found in all sorts of nature documentaries and travel books about Africa. Dramatic, weathered, and mysterious the Drakensberg conjures up the imagination. They culminate at their highest with the Drakensberg Amphitheater. One of the most photogenic natural landmarks in the world. For us, traveling to them became a necessity as we drove through South Africa.

What lay ahead of us in the Drakensberg region was Lesotho, country lodges, national parks, and small towns to steal our hearts away. The region is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. We spent two weeks in the Drakensberg and Lesotho and felt that it was not nearly enough time for this part of the world. Maybe we’re just mountain people, then again the Mozambican beaches still beckon us to return.

Published : Dec, 2022

When to visit | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Festivals | Historical Sites | Whale Watching | Safari | Best Time to Visit | Hiking
In this guide, you’ll discover the best time to visit Kenya and its wildlife safaris, historical sites, cities, beaches, festivals, mountains, and more.

This post contains some detailed information and my opinions on different travel seasons, weather conditions, and the best things to do in each month.

Kenya generally experiences long rains from March to May and short rains from late October to mid-December. January and February are usually warm, while the months from June to October are dry. Sometimes July is cold, but travels within the country are fine.

In my travels around Kenya, my home country, I’ve experienced all seasons in different regions. So, to help you plan your trip, here are my recommendations for the best time to visit Kenya.

Published : Nov, 2022

Sites & attractions | Suggested itinerary | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Cabo Rojo | Culebra | El Morro fortress | El Yunque National Forest | Guánica State Forest | Hiking | Las Salinas | Mallorca | Mount English | Playa Mar Chiquita | Rincon |
Hear about Puerto Rico travel tips as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jessica from The Dining Traveler about her home island of Puerto Rico.

Jessica says, “One of the things that I love about Puerto Rico, and I think that’s something that even Puerto Ricans have in our DNA, is it is so mixed. There’s so much versatility. For the size, it’s 110 miles long and 35 miles wide, and in that, you have all these microclimates. You have the rainforest and a dry forest in Guánica, You have this range of mountains that goes east to west that are just emerald green. It’s just such a mix. The west coast is surfers. The east coast is white sand beaches and nice fancy resorts. So there’s just a little bit for everybody.”

Published : Nov, 2022

Sites & attractions | <$50 day | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Riga city | Latvian Sauna | Bobsledding | Sigulda Adventures | Amata Hiking Trail | Cecili Nature Trail | Gauja National Park | Liepaja | Jurmala | Architecture | Riga Old Town
Somewhat embarrassingly, Latvia wasn’t on my radar as a place I really wanted to visit. Instead, the impetus was born with an invitation to speak at the Women in Travel Summit, which was being held in Riga Latvia (Riga being the Latvian capital).

Who knew that after a week I’d love the place so much; even – and especially – in the inclement month of November. Here are nine reasons why I want to return to Latvia again, for a longer visit. While this article isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in Latvia, nor a cultural summation, it is a teaser; just enough of both to entice you to learn more about this Baltic country – because in a sense a teaser is all I got as well.

Published : Oct, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Buddhist Architecture | Rice Fields | Temple
A few miles north of the Punakha dzong is one of Bhutan’s modern marvels of Buddhist architecture: Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. Built under the direction of the Queen Mother in 2004, this chorten (aka stupa) is intended to ward off evil spirits and stand as a symbol of universal peace. We hiked across the river suspension bridge covered in prayer flags to the mountains tiered with rice terraces. We stopped to take countless photos of the little waterfalls flowing between paddies, spin massive prayer wheels, and chat with friendly farmers. The royal family also hikes this trail as an annual pilgrimage to evoke the deities.

Published : Oct, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Ben & Jerry | Gondola Ride | Fall Foliage | Idletyme Brewery | Church Street | Waterfront | Tom Girl | Shelburne Sugarworks | Camel Hump State Park
When I imagined the Vermont of my dreams, it consisted of maple all the things, crisp autumn weather, and the most incredible fall foliage on Earth. My expectations were high, which is always risky when visiting a new place, but I’m pleased to say Vermont exceeded them. It's one of those places you've got to see to believe. Follow us along as we take you through Ben & Jerry's, a gondola ride up the mountains to see the fall foliage at its peak, delicious breweries, cafes and restaurants, and a hike through Camel's Hump.

Published : Sep, 2022

Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Hiking | Locals | Haa District | Dorikha Bypass | Dorikha Village | Archery Range | Tergo-La Pass
Haa Valley, Bhutan was a restricted area until 2003 and many of the remote mountain villages are only now getting roads. Set at 12,000 feet in the Himalayas in the Western reaches of the country, this isn’t a destination tourists typically visit but a special invitation to a house blessing ceremony sent us on a road trip to one of the most beautiful and culturally fascinating regions. Join us as we partake in Buddhist rituals, archery tournaments, tea with nomadic cow herders, and hikes along one of best trails in the world.

Thanks to the co-founders of Bridge To Bhutan for welcoming us into your home and sharing this incredible experience!

Published : Sep, 2022

How to get there | Suggested itinerary | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Gokyo Lakes | Sagarmatha National Park | Trekking
Let us begin this article with a disclaimer: we are not avid trekkers. In fact, we had never completed a serious trek before arriving in Nepal. So to say that we approached our trekking adventure in Nepal with some trepidation is a total understatement. However, despite our lack of trekking prowess, we absolutely loved it!

After plenty of research and recommendations from other travellers, we eventually decided to tackle the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek.

However, we were not content with the normal 12-day trek. No siree. We had to make it a tad more difficult for ourselves. We added a side trip to Gokyo Lakes – and we are so glad we did. It was the highlight of our trek in Nepal!

Published : Jul, 2022

Sites & attractions | Accom (any) | Food (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor
Hiking | Dean Village | Royal Mile | Greyfriars Kirkyard | Victoria Street | Arthur^s Seat | Duddingston’s Sheep’s Heid Inn | White Hart Inn | White Horse Bar | The World’s End | Camera Obscura | Princes Street |
Whether you’re taking a trip specifically to see Scotland or you’re hoping to explore the United Kingdom as a whole, a trip to Edinburgh is a must.

You can easily take a train from London to Edinburgh, or you can fly to the city’s airport. Either way, this list of the ten best things to do in Edinburgh will help you plan a memorable vacation to this historic and exciting city.

Tip: If you’re not sure when to plan your trip to Scotland’s capital city, consider visiting during August. Not only is the weather nice, but you can also attend any of the hundreds of events that take place during the month as part of the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Published : Jul, 2022

When to visit | How to get there | Sites & attractions | Local transport | Accom (any) | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Bhaktapur | Boudhanath | Bungamati | Durbar Square | Garden of Dreams or Swapna Bagaicha | Hiking | Khokana | Kirtipur | Kopan Monastery |
Nepal is a historic and natural wonder of sorts, so you could imagine how ecstatic I was when I had the chance to visit this amazing destination last year whilst I did various fun things to do in Kathmandu!

FYI: To best clarify the difference between Kathmandu city and Kathmandu Valley, you must first understand that the Kathmandu Valley is made up of 3 beautiful ancient cities, namely:

- Kathmandu (the largest city and capital),
- Lalitpur (also called as Patan), and
- Bhaktapur

Published : Jun, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Nightlife | Activities: Outdoor | Photography & video
Cheongsam | Cho Hung Estate | Dragon’s Back Trail | Graham Street | Helicopter Tour | Hiking | Hong Kong Disneyland | Lok Wah South Estate | Madame Tussauds | OceanPark | Photoshoot | Rich View Terrace |
Hong Kong is a treasure trove of sorts given its culinary delights, bustling skyline, dynamic culture, rustic charm, and rich landscape among many others. With that in mind, you would need a lifetime in order to experience just about everything — however, with just this post, I can get you started with the top 10 fun things to do in Hong Kong to help make your stay a memorable one!

Naturally, I won’t be discussing most of the typical must-do’s in the city such as visiting Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, Lan Kwai Fong, etc. because you can refer to my Hong Kong itinerary guide for that.

Published : Apr, 2022

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Ever since 2006, I have managed to avoid the winter months entirely, either by heading to the opposite hemisphere for their summer and shoulder season or staying somewhere close enough to the equator that I could remain blissfully unaware of winter’s very existence.

It has never occurred to me before that I could spend winter in Europe and not freeze. Until now. I was able to have a glorious month in Chania Crete this winter, and I loved it so much that I’m entertaining fantasies of it being an annual getaway.

Here are some fantastic things to do in Chania, Crete in winter. Whether that be for a day trip or a full few weeks, I have plenty of tips for you!

Published : Dec, 2021

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The Five Lakes Walk in Zermatt is one of the top things to do at the Matterhorn. In this Switzerland Vlog, we hiked the Five Lakes hike one day starting with sunrise at Lake Stellisee, and mountain biked the 4 Lakes Bike Tour the next. These are two amazing ways to see the Matterhorn and to explore the Magnificent Swiss Alps.

If you only have one day in Zermatt, consider hiking or biking to the five lakes. You won't regret it.

Published : Nov, 2021

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This is Maupiti, the most beautiful island in French Polynesia and the world! I've asked many people where their favorite island is, and Maupiti kept coming up, so naturally, I had to see it for myself!

Jen and I spent one glorious week exploring Maupiti island and are totally convinced that paradise on earth exists. We stayed with locals, swam with manta rays and stingrays, explored the eccentric shell house (a must-see!). Watch to see it for yourself and let me know in the comments if you'd like to visit someday!

Published : Mar, 2020

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Myanmar isn’t a Southeast Asian country that is often on travelers “must see” lists, or planned for their great backpacking adventure. Which is a shame, because Myanmar is one of the most culturally preserved and exciting destinations in Asia.

Why isn’t Myanmar on everyone’s “must do” lists?

It honestly wasn’t on my list until I was invited by a friend. Before traveling to Myanmar, I didn’t know anything about the country except about how it was closed off from the world up until about a couple decades ago.

After backpacking through a large portion of Myanmar during their annual Thingyan Festival, I can without a doubt declare Myanmar as my favorite country in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar is a captivating and exciting country for many reasons. From floating villages, to valleys of ancient temples that beat out Angkor Wat, to multi-day jungle treks into mountain tea picking villages.

Ready to go yet? Awesome. Here’s my itinerary on the best of Myanmar, from where to go to what to do from my own personal experiences, and a few key tips and tricks to know before you go: