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Published : Jun, 2023

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Seoul is a city of excess: it’s a city turned up to eleven. My first time backpacking in Seoul was on a visa-run from Japan. Despite coming from the other East Asian land of efficient and highly-technical cities, I was unprepared for Seoul’s modern wonders and efficiency.

I was on a mission to find a jimjilbang (bathhouse): a mission that took me through twisting, rainswept alleys decked with blinkering neon lights, and I found myself walking into the cyberpunk metropolis I’d always hoped to see.

When the sun came out the next day I climbed Mountain Namsan, trailing one of the ancient fortress walls of Seoul; that’s when I got the scope of just how impressive the city of Seoul is.

Seoul is a city over 2000-years-old, but it’s also a city that has evolved into a futuristic metropolis. One day, when we’re doing the ‘flying cars amongst shadowy skyscrapers’ thing, I reckon Seoul will lead the charge.

If you’re visiting Seoul on a budget then you have to be smart. South Korea isn’t crushingly expensive, but you should prepare for the drawbacks of visiting a highly economized city.

Luckily, we’re all about that frugal living and affordable travel.