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Published : Jun, 2023

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A Disclaimer on Visiting Afghanistan

This piece may seem outdated – or even reckless – in light of the Taliban’s consolidation of power. However, The Broke Backpacker believes it’s still important to pay homage to the Afghan people – a people vastly overlooked by the tourism industry.

Travel is about connecting human beings; it’s about breaking down the barriers of cultural division that separate us. The world is complex: it exists in many shades of grey.

The Broke Backpacker does not outright condone travel to Afghanistan in its current state, but neither will we stay silent on the beauty of the country for the sake of a terrorist takeover. Speak truth and love what deserves to be loved. The only thing it takes for evil to win is for good people to remain silent. And there are still many good people in Afghanistan that need a voice.

Published : Jan, 2021

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Grab yourself a cup of tea (you’ll be drinking a lot of chai in Afghanistan), get comfortable, and prepare to read, ’cause this is a long one. Everything we learned during three weeks of independent travel in Afghanistan in October 2016, and two weeks of independent travel in Afghanistan in November 2018, is right here in our Afghanistan travel guide.