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Published : Jul, 2022

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Mauritania Tour (and Iron Ore Train!) – November/December 2023
Email me on if you’re keen!
So we’re doing it again! After years of talking about it, last year we finally did a Mauritania Tour featuring the epic Iron Ore train across the depths of the Sahara! And we’re back in for our Mauritania tour 2023 this November/December, so COME JOIN ME! This will be my FIFTH TOUR TO MAURITANIA! I’m the only foreigner to ride this mad train 5 times or more.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I did a couple of iron ore train tours to Mauritania last year and they were probably the COOLEST TRIPS I’VE EVER RUN. They were amazing, and now I’m back in Thailand, I’m getting itchy feet, so let’s get it going again in on our Mauritania Tour 2023 – this time in November/December.

Mauritania Ultra Marathon?!
NOTE: I’m also organizing an ULTRA MARATHON IN MAURITANIA IN WINTER 2023/24! You can join the normal trip, listed here, but if you want to spend an extra 3 days running 150km through sanddunes, email me and I’ll send you the info. 20 spots only.

So why join?
Very simple. hitching a ride on the iron ore train through the Sahara desert is one of THE epic adventures on our whole planet.

For those of you who don’t know me, and you have stumbled across some weird Irish guy running trips in even more obscure countries, then welcome! And get ready for the kind of trip you have never experienced before.

Adventurous, chaotic, one to tell the Grand Kids, and always oh, so fun. And, you’ll get to hang out with an awesome group of people who are also interested in this crazy form of travel.