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Published : Jun, 2023

Sites & attractions | Activities: Nature & Wildlife
Quito | Chivas | Chimborazo | Galapagos Islands | Tortoises | Panama hat | San Juanito | El Vuelo Del Condor | Official Currency | Rainbow Rose
Be surprised and inspired by these interesting facts about Ecuador which you probably didn't know.

What do you think of when Ecuador comes to mind? Perhaps the Equator line? Galapagos islands? Or that famous Sash! 1990s dance smash hit?

We'll be honest, prior to our trip, these fun facts summed up our knowledge of Ecuador!

Days into our trip here and we were quickly blown away! Although quite a small country (by South American standards), Ecuador offers so much, from Andes mountain vistas, an impressive diverse cuisine, coastal pleasures, the pretty picturesque old town of Quito, the Amazon jungle, and of course, the famous Galapagos Islands.

There is good reason why German DJ, Sascha Lappessen, created an entire dance anthem in honor of Ecuador (that's a fact)!