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Published : Jul, 2023

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I’ve lived in Bangkok since 2010, I’ve done the standard 3 day Bangkok itinerary, I’ve done luxury Bangkok staycations, and I’ve done every tourist thing from day-trips to Ayutthaya, Bangkok’s floating market, and that railway market place where the train comes through the market! And I’ve been on both sides of Bangkok’s price point. From a broke backpacker trying to find the cheapest drinks on Khao San Road (I still do that sometimes, to be honest!) to a successful blogger where I just want a night spent in the best clubs in Bangkok. So after 10 years of ‘research’, finally I feel qualified to give you guys a list of Bangkok’s best clubs, depending what you’re after.

One thing to remember though folks, especially for travelers to Bangkok. Bangkok is a booming international city, and although there is a ‘travel’ vibe to Bangkok, the clubs are awesome here. And that means similar prices to what you know at home and similar dress codes. No flip-flops, vests or shorts! There are places for that too, I’ve added that in the cheaper section at the bottom.

Published : Dec, 2022

Any price accom | Bars and pubs | Nightlife
Soi Cowboy | Slumber Party - Khaosan | Slumber Party - Soi 1 | Bodega Hostel | Sukhumvit | hostel near BTS | Chatuchak Market
Thailand's capital Bangkok is a popular city among backpackers and digital nomads, do not fear to visit Thailand on your own, I promise you will meet people along the way! The city will never leave you bored, as there is so much to do and explore for anyone's budget. The easiest way meeting fellow travelers is by choosing to stay in a hostel, there is plenty choice if you search online for hostel Bangkok.

This blog post will give you an overview about the best places to stay in Thailand's capital to meet other travelers or make new friends - lets find out, which one is the best party hostel in Bangkok!