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Published : Aug, 2023

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Waterfalls | Mývatn Nature Baths | Northern Lights | Reykjavik | Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon | Blue Lagoon | Game of Thrones Tour | Thingvellir National Park | Maelifell Volcano
Iceland is a magical place. It’s the land of sheep, northern lights, volcanoes with unpronounceable names (try saying “Eyjafjallajökull”), rugged landscapes, waterfalls, mountains, and natural hot springs. Its stunning, scenic landscape feels out of this world.

Iceland quickly became one of my favorite countries after my first visit. It’s such a beautiful island filled with warm, welcoming people and sweeping vistas you won’t find anywhere else in the world. I have relished every subsequent visit to the country.

However, Iceland is expensive.

Traveling here on a budget is difficult as Iceland is definitely not a cheap country (and the growing influx of tourists is only increasing prices further).

Fortunately, it is possible to see a lot without going broke if you plan ahead. You won’t be living large if you’re here to backpack, but Iceland is worth the expense.

This travel guide to Iceland can help you plan your trip and see the sights without breaking the bank!

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites and attractions | Any price accom | Any food | Cultural Activities | Outdoor Activities | Nature and wildlife
Waterfalls | Wildlife Sanctuary | surf lessons | kids camp | Canopy Mal Pais | Montezuma | Tortuga Island | stunning beaches | community get-togethers | Rocamar (jugglers-live music-trampoline) | kids
Santa Teresa is a hip town on the west coast of Costa Rica’s, Puntarenas Province. Unlike neighbouring Nicaragua, the area has been welcoming tourists for many years, despite it being a hard to reach destination. The white sand beaches have perfectly formed waves (all year round) and palm trees stretch as far as the eyes can see. The rugged coast attracts surfers and beach lovers alike. Despite a steady flow of tourists and a huge expat community in the area, there are certain things that are ‘behind the times’ so to speak...

I found it incredible that the beach and all of the nature around Santa Teresa is so untouched! Wild beautiful beaches with palm trees and no commercial buildings overlooking them. We have friends living in the area, and like they said, the boutique hotels and independent businesses thrive in Santa Teresa.

We had initially planned to spend three days in Santa Teresa with kids but we ended up staying three weeks! I found it very easy to penetrate the community, so we felt at home, and our little one attended kindergarten as well as the school holiday kids camp. She was so happy, we decided to stay for longer. Besides from the kids camp, there was plenty to do and enjoy. Here is our play, eat and sleep guide to Santa Teresa with kids.

Published : Jan, 2023

Sites and attractions | Low budget | Any price accom | Outdoor Activities | Nature and wildlife
affordable activities | Casa Del Arbol tree swing | Pailon Del Diablio -biggest & impressive waterfall | Ziplining | Waterfalls
The truth is, I was looking for the swing off the end of the world in Banos, Ecuador with kids. You know, the one that was circulating all over Facebook? The video of people on a massive tree swing that literally goes out over the clouds, with a volcano backdrop? I hadn’t expected to find such incredible wonders of nature in our search.

A beautiful winding canyon, for miles, with lush green grass and gushing waterfalls around every corner. Based high in the Andes and at the gateway to the Amazon, I hadn’t realised Banos was so set up for tourists. There is so much infrastructure, from road trains, to zip lines across the canyon. The little town has many restaurants, a town square and is surrounded by mountainous views...

Published : Nov, 2022

How to get there | Sites and attractions | Suggested itinerary | City tours or passes | Outdoor Activities | Nature and wildlife
beaches | Waterfalls | volcanoes | Glaciers | Geysers | Lagoons | Geological Wonders | Hollywood sights of Iceland | Ring Road Circle trip | Pingvellir National Park
This 10-Day Iceland Roadtrip itinerary can give you the most EPIC trip of your life.

Hitting headlines, attracting adventure seekers, and wooing nature lovers and photographers alike– Iceland has become a top bucket list destination for millions of travellers around the globe of all age groups and ethnicities. In this complete Iceland Travel Guide, read about my Epic 10-day Iceland Roadtrip through spectacular landscapes of stunning waterfalls to otherworldly volcanic landscapes, from bubbling mud pots to curious lava towers, from sparkling beaches to geothermal Lagoons...

Published : Sep, 2022

Sites and attractions | Any price accom | Cultural Activities | Outdoor Activities | Nature and wildlife
Whale Watching | Waterfalls | Canyoning | Ilhéu de Vila Franca | Grená | Mosteiros Beach | Portas da Ciudade | Explore: Caves-Forest-Fort-Lakes-Plantation-Other Islands | Driving around | Boat Tours | Trails |
Drinking in the beauty of the Azores Islands, or “Portugal’s Hawaii,” can be done around the island by boat, car, or foot. It’s difficult not to be stunned by every view and landscape on the island. The endless, rolling farm fields, tea plantations, old calderas, lakes, and incredible coastlines will sink deep in your memory...

Whether you are looking for hiking, interactions with animals, swimming in hot springs, or visiting the beach, we’ve got your ultimate guide to the island for your family!

Published : Sep, 2022

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beaches | Plan road trip | Pubs | Castles | Northern Ireland | Festival | Aran Islands | National Parks | Skellig Islands | Riverdance | Whiskey and Guinness | Waterfalls | Traditional Music | Cliffside Walk | LIghthouses
There are tons of fun things to do in Ireland, no matter what type of traveller you are. There’s everything from outdoor adventures like hiking and cliff walking to indoor experiences like learning about Jameson and Guinness, Ireland’s best beverages.

The attractions in Ireland are truly endless, so this is the perfect guide when planning your next trip to the Emerald Isle. Some of the best activities in Ireland may even be ones that you haven’t thought of.

Published : Apr, 2022

Sites and attractions
Waterfalls | Lanquin | Semuc Champey | Hostel Vista Verde / Lanquin | Why we Travel to Semuc Champey | Start of the Trip to Semuc Champey | swimming in the River | The Cave | Semuc Champey National Park
Hello, in this video we will show you the central part of Guatemala, the town of Lanquin and the Semuc Champey National Park.

It is a very beautiful place where we stayed for about three and a half days.
I enjoy the beautiful nature that is in this part of Guatemala...

Published : Apr, 2022

Outdoor Activities
Under 24 hours! | Waterfalls | Competition on Active Pursuits
Want to know how to travel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica? I invited 7 strangers to travel through this epic travel itinerary first-hand.

Published : Jul, 2021

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Waterfalls | kayak | known as "Nature Island" | tropical rainforests | natural hotsprings | gorges | volcanoes | scenic hiking trail | excellent diving | Roseau | 3 lighthouses | Boiling Lake | Morne Trois
An island that seems to attract more intrepid explorers than all-inclusive holidaymakers, Dominica is a beautiful mountainous Caribbean island nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

It’s sometimes known as the “Nature Island” and with good reason, Dominica is covered with lush green tropical rainforests, natural hot springs, gorges, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

It also offers excellent diving, a long scenic hiking trail, a capital filled with colorful timber houses, and plenty of black sand beaches. Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Dominica…

Published : Aug, 2020

Sites and attractions | Long distance transport | Nature and wildlife
Bendeela Reserve | Budderoo Natl. Park | Cambewarra Mountain | Carrington Falls | East Rim Track | Fitzroy Falls | Hampden Bridge | Hiking Trails | Minnamurra Rainforest Centre | Waterfalls | wombats
After a fantastic few days in Jervis, we packed up Marlee and hit the road again for the next leg of our Van Life Australia tour. This time we headed up into New South Wales' Southern Islands in the search of waterfalls, hiking trails and wombats!