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Published : Dec, 2022

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Ever heard of kambak-kambak syndrome?

Prior to our last Puerto Princesa trip, I’d never encountered this term before. You know how you tend to return to a destination over and over again? It seems to happen a lot in Palawan, and so the locals gave it a name — kambak-kambak — a tongue-in-cheek spin to “come back, come back”. Given that our team have set foot in Puerto Princesa multiple times over the past decade, if it were a real condition, we probably had caught it, too!

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a kambak-kambak traveler, we’ve put together this Puerto Princesa travel guide to help you plan a hassle-free journey!

Published : Apr, 2022

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Whenever someone thinks of a vacation trip in the Philippines, the first destination that most likely comes to mind is Boracay — which comes as no surprise! After all, it’s a dreamy destination that’s known worldwide for its white-sand beaches.

(Things to Do in Boracay)

Of course, it helps to note that there are a LOT of other islands in my home country that are not only equally beautiful but are also recently gaining more recognition (e.g. Siargao, Batanes, and more!).