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Published : Sep, 2023

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Queens | World Trade Center Memorial | Jackson Heights | Empire State Building | Flushing | Staten Island Ferry | Southern Manhattan | Statue Of Liberty | Brooklyn | Broadway | New Jersey | Brooklyn Bridge | Tenement
Hear about travel to New York City as the Amateur Traveler talks to Rebecca Shoval from Not Just Tourists NYC about her adopted home in the city that never sleeps.

Why should you go to New York City?

Rebecca says, “I think someone should come to New York for so many reasons. I think it’s this incredibly vibrant place. It exudes life and I find walking around the city, it really just gives you energy. It’s also this vibrant multicultural place where you can really see the way that there’s so much commitment to the city and to the culture and to people really living in something resembling harmony next to each other… or at least ignoring each other and not getting in each other’s business. There are so many different things to do.”

Published : Jul, 2023

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Guggenheim Museum | Statue of Liberty & Ellis Isl. Ferry | Circle Line Cruises | Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum | 9-day Validity | Top of Rock Obs. Deck | Empire State Bldg. | Save 40% off | American Museum of Nat. History | 5 of the Best Attractions
Sightseeing passes are a great way to see a city’s most important attractions for less. Many destinations throughout the U.S. and Europe offer these passes, giving you the chance to see each city’s top attractions at a steep discount.

That’s where the New York CityPASS comes in. This nifty little pass can help you see some of NYC’s most important sights, and it could save you a lot of money while doing it.

But, is the New York CityPASS a good fit for you? Let’s find out.

Published : Jul, 2023

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LIC Hotel | OYO Times Square | More Hostels | American Dream Hostel | HI NYC Hostel | Local NYC Hostel | NY Moore Hostel
One of the most common questions I get from readers is if I can recommend them a good hostel to stay in New York that is not too expensive. There are a few decent cheaps places to stay in New York but forget about finding a cheap room in New York. For anything half decent, good location, clean -you’re looking at around $150-$200 for a private room. One way to save money in New York is by choosing to stay in a hostel. Based on my recent trip to the Big Apple, I’ve rounded up my best budgets places to stay in New York that offer great value in terms of location, price and facilities.

Published : Apr, 2023

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Luxury Hotels in NYC under $900 | Budget Hotels in NYC under $100 | Mid-Range Hotels in NYC under $250 | Mid-Range to Luxury Places in NYC under $400
Working out where to stay in New York is somewhat more challenging. You want to be in the city but you don’t want to be in some dingy hole of a hotel. You want comfort but you might not want to empty your bank account in the process. Or maybe you do.

Whatever your budget, I’ve got the answer. You can find most of these on the major hotel booking websites, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of my best recommendations on where to stay in New York...

Published : Feb, 2023

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Packing Advice | Chelsea Intl. Hostel: $60 | Ave. Hostel: $65 | Intl. Student Ctr: $70 | Hostel Tips | Q4 Hotel: $48 | American Dream Hostel | The Local NYC: $60-$70 | Freehand New York | Travel Tips | HI NYC Hostel: $75-$88 | Quick Facts | NY Moore Hostel: $60-70
Unlike its European counterparts, New York City doesn’t have a large selection of hostels and NYC hostels are fairly expensive (well, everything in NYC is expensive). Just like any city, NYC’s hostels range from total junk to really nice and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hostels in New York City...

Published : Feb, 2023

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Food: $30-$45 | Empire State Observatory: $40-$60 | Accom: $35-$150 | Hotel: $150-$380 | Ave. 2-Star Hotel: $175 | Hostel: $40-$80 | Subway & Bus 7-Day Unli: $33 | Taxi & Uber: $15-$35 | Midrange $$: $135-$220 | Thrifty $: $75 | Attractions: $10-$25 |
New York City is one of the most-loved and most-visited cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive travel destinations—I should know, I’ve lived here for more than seven years.

So how much does it cost to visit NYC? Well, that truly depends on your travel style. That’s why I’ve created this NYC Price Guide to give you some ballpark travel costs tailored for the average budget-conscious traveler...

Published : Jan, 2023

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Where You’ll Find Me Eating | Where You’ll Find Me Drinking | Where You’ll Find Me Caffeinating | My Favorite Things to Do in New York City
New York has recently become my unofficial home base, and after spending six months here before taking off to Colombia, I’m in town for a quick five-day layover to see friends and family before my trip to Israel. With only 120 hours in the city, I’ve got a lot of people to see and a lot of places to go.

These are my favorite places to eat, drink, and have a laugh in New York City. You might find me at any one of them...

Published : Nov, 2021

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Statue Of Liberty | Federal Hall | Trinity Church | Brooklyn Bridge | 9/11 Memorial | Grand Central Terminal | Broadway | Times Square | Walking Tour | Museum Of Modern Art | Central Park | Battery Park | The High Line | Bronx Zoo
New York is an amazing city to visit as a tourist. I’ve been a handful of times now, and always look forward to it. There’s so much to do! But it’s also expensive.

Today, my friend & travel author Matt Kepnes shares tips for things to do in New York City on a budget after living there for many years. Tips are his, photos are mine. Here’s Matt:

New York is one of my favorite cities. In fact, I love it so much I lived there for close to five years. I can never get enough of it!

To me, NYC is the center of the world, with people, foods, and cultures from everywhere. It has a wild nightlife scene, and there’s a never-ending list of things to see, do, and experience.

You can never be bored in NYC.

But, as awesome as it is, it can easily break the most hardened of budgets without proper planning.

Tourists often decry New York’s cost, but this is also place of starving artists and underpaid interns. To be a local is to know where the deals are.

Despite what most people think, it’s actually possible to have a fun, budget-friendly trip to the Big Apple without breaking the bank — if you know where to look.

So, if you want to take it in without spending a fortune, here are the best things to do in New York on a budget: