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Published : Apr, 2023

How to get there | Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural
Casa Cava | Pane di Matera | Musma | Apulian-Romanesque Cathedral | Night In A Cave | Belvedere di Mugia Timone | Casa Noha Exhibit | Saint Peter ‘Caveoso’ | Rock Church & Crypt | Sassi Di Matera
Matera is one of the coolest places we visited in Italy. An ancient town made of caves, carved into the side of a ravine! Here are some tips for cool things to do in Matera.

The town of Matera, Italy has a long and fascinating history. And I mean loooong.

It is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world, estimated to be settled in the 10th millennium BC (that’s about 10,000 years ago!). And sporadically settled for another 400,000 years before that…

So you’d think that because Matera is considered the 3rd oldest city in the world, it would be much more popular than it is.

But for a long time the poor people of Matera were forgotten and left to fend for themselves. The great “Shame Of Italy” it was called.

Once a painful reminder that Italy was considered a third-world country, with its residents living in squalor underground and sleeping next to livestock.

However Matera has seen a drastic turnaround and has been transformed into a unique tourist destination, along with being featured in the latest James Bond film “No Time To Die“.

After spending 3-days exploring this very cool town, I wanted to share some of the best things to do in Matera Italy if you’re planning a visit.

Published : Nov, 2022

Sites & attractions | Activities: Cultural | Activities: Outdoor
Rupestrian (Rock-Cut) Churches | Best Viewpoints in Matera | Sasso Barisano | medieval Civita (city) | Sasso Caveoso | Sassi | Graves on the roof! | Sassi (cave houses) of Matera | The Crypt of Original Sin | Piazza Vittorio Veneto | Palombaro Lungo
Matera, Italy, is a destination unlike any other. A city of caves hewn from rock and inhabited since before recorded history. A monochrome medley of stairways and rooftops “where the living sleep beneath the dead”.

It is the remarkable story of Matera’s rebirth that lured us back to Italy for our third visit. The much repeated story of exiled author and physician Carlo Levi, whose vivid account of appalling living conditions in parts of Southern Italy shook the world. A world oblivious, until then, to the abject poverty concealed beneath the twin districts of cave houses referred to as the Sassi of Matera...

Published : Mar, 2023

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enjoy beaches | Peek @ Mt. Kilimanjaro | See Mugie Conservancy | Boat Safari In Lake Naivasha | See Flamingos In Lake Nakuru | See Red Elephants In Tsavo | Climb Mt. Kenya | See Nairobi | Visit Nairobi Park | Chase Waterfalls @ Karura Forest | Visit Giraffe Ctr.
Located in East Africa, Kenya is a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the unique culture, incredible wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

From the savannahs of the Maasai Mara to the peaks of Mount Kenya and the stunning Kenyan coastline, this destination is home to a variety of landscapes. But it’s not just about the scenery in Kenya. In our opinion, the biggest drawcard of this East Africa destination is an opportunity to experience an authentic African safari...

Published : Oct, 2023

Activities: Cultural | Wellness
Anamaya | Blue Spirit | Bodhi Tree Resort | Envision Festival | Harmony Healing Ctr. | Peace Retreat | Samasati Yoga & Wellness | The Retreat | Waterfall Villas
If you are a yoga enthusiast, then you’ll agree that there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than checking into a yoga retreat in a unique destination. And if you ask us, when it comes to yoga holidays, Costa Rica is just the place to do it. There is nothing quite like practicing yoga in Costa Rica, in the heart of the rainforest or on the beach.

Some retreats combine yoga with other activities, like surfing, detox, meditation, and even new skills like permaculture farming. No matter what you want for your yoga trip, Costa Rica has options for you...

Published : Jul, 2023

When to visit | Accom (any) | Activities: Outdoor
Attend La Feria Verde | Beer Tasting Tour | Braulio Carrillo Park | Buttefly Gardens | Choco Workshop | Food-Coffee Tours | La Paz Waterfall Gardens | La Sabana Metro. Park | Mercado Centrale | Metro Cathedral | Museums | Natl. Theater
If you’re visiting Costa Rica, you’ll inevitably begin your trip in the nation’s capital city, San José. While many people simply stop over in the city on their way to the rainforests, the city deserves a visit on its own.
Since the capital city of Costa Rica is an up-and-coming tourist destination, you can find plenty of attractions and points of interest that make it worth a visit...

While it’s common that people don’t know all the things to do in San José, Costa Rica, this guide should get you started with planning some fun-filled days in the city.

Published : Sep, 2023

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Adelaide Hills (SA) | Barossa Valley (SA) | Hunter Valley (NSW) | Margaret River (WA) | McLaren Vale (SA) | The Yarra Valley (Mel) | Where to Eat | Wineries Location
Australia is a wine-lover’s dream destination. Australian wineries have a glowing reputation around the world for their top-quality grape varieties grown in perfect climates and picturesque settings. No matter where you find yourself across the southern part of the country, you won’t be too far away from a wine-growing region...

Exploring wine regions in Australia was one of our favourite adventures when we lived in Australia. So, we can attest that visiting one or more of the following wine areas in Australia is one of the best things to do on any trip to Australia!

Published : Sep, 2023

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Art Scene | Artist & Local Farmers Mkt. | Boutique Shopping | Carlton Gardens | Culinary Scene | Festivals | Getting Around | Markets | Micro-breweries | Queen Victoria Mkt. | Unexpected Weather
Melbourne – a hip, trendy, and vibrant Australian city brimming with culture. Its neighbourhoods have personalities of their own, ranging from bohemian quarters with amazing restaurants and fashion boutiques, to edgy, artsy areas that are home to more tattoo shops than a city could possibly need. It’s impossible to truly understand the cultural centre that is Melbourne without actually living there. And it’s equally as difficult to explore it as a visitor.

I’ve been to Melbourne 4 times. Each time, discover a whole new side of the incredibly complicated and fascinating city that has topped the charts of the World’s Most Liveable Cities. But despite my frequent visits, I couldn’t possibly try to share the best that this city has to offer without some local help. Luckily, a few of my friends and locals were eager to share their tips and recommendations for things to do in Melbourne.