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Published : Sep, 2023

Any food | Vegetarian or Vegan
Rulo Lezzetler | Vegan Dükkan | Mahatma Cafe | Mama Bowl | Susam Cafe | Dem Muda | Dün Moda | Tahin | Kumin Lezzetler | Taste of 2 Cont. Food Tour
I love Turkish food. It’s one of my favorite cuisines in the world and a big reason why Istanbul is one of our favorite cities to visit. It’s a sprawling metropolis with lots to do and many delicious things to eat...

Make no mistake about it – Turkish meat dishes like kebabs, kofte, and kokorec are delicious. If you have no dietary restrictions, then be sure to check out our guide to some of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

But if you’re in the mood for a guilt-free salad or vegetable wrap, then here are twelve restaurants you can visit for some of the best vegetarian and vegan food in Istanbul.

Published : Sep, 2022

Sites and attractions | Health and safety | Local transport | Any price accom | Any food | Cultural Activities | Nature and wildlife
Adana Durum | Kokoreç | Lahmacun | Çiğ Köfte | Blue Mosque | Grand Bazaar | Cheers Hostel | Hagia Sofia | Sultanahmet Park | Emirgan Park | Church of the Holy Savior | Balik Ekmek
Lying on the banks of the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a city that is thousands of years old, and that originally was known as Byzantium, and later, Constantinople, before adopting the name Istanbul in the early 20th century.

In Istanbul, you will find that architecture, culture, and trade routes converge from all over the world to make a wonderful melting pot that is really exhilarating. So, I’ve compiled my top things to do in Istanbul based on my own itinerary.

I’ve gotten questions like “is Istanbul safe?” and I think that is very important to be cautious and savvy while you explore the city, but it can be an amazing destination for solo travel.

I firmly believe that solo travel for women is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and the world. Taking a solo trip is a fantastic way to grow.

Here’s my solo female traveler’s guide to Istanbul to help you have a safe and memorable experience!

Published : Apr, 2022

Sites and attractions | Any food
Bosporus | European Side | Blue Mosque | Kebab | Turkish Coffee | Black Cabbage Soup | Taksim Square | Hammams
This is how to travel Istanbul in 2022 on a budget. Istanbul Turkey is a BIG city so let me help you with the best things to do, the top destinations, and even some of the best restaurants.

Published : Aug, 2021

Sites and attractions | Suggested itinerary
Baklava | Karakoy | Hisari Fortress | Ortakoy | Blue Mosque | Balat and Lonca | Taksim Square | Hagia Sophia | Eminonu market | Dolmabace Palace | Besiktas | Kadikoy | Gulhane Park | Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi | Basilica Cistern | Suleymaniye Mosque | Galata Bridge | Grand Bazaar
If you have a trip planned to Istanbul or you might visit this grand city at some point, this perfect week in Istanbul post is for you…

During my 21 years of travel, I’ve visited Istanbul about 20 times. It’s a convenient place to stop for a few days in between other destinations and over the years, I’ve built up a long list of my favorite spots around the city that I love to return to over and over again. Right now I’m finishing up my latest visit to Istanbul and it was just as rewarding as every visit before it!

Published : Sep, 2022

Sites and attractions | Bars and pubs | Museums | Historical sites | Live performances | Sporting events | Hiking or trekking | Bicycling | Golf | Nature and wildlife
beaches | Plan road trip | Pubs | Castles | Northern Ireland | Festival | Aran Islands | National Parks | Skellig Islands | Riverdance | Whiskey and Guinness | Waterfalls | Traditional Music | Cliffside Walk | LIghthouses
There are tons of fun things to do in Ireland, no matter what type of traveller you are. There’s everything from outdoor adventures like hiking and cliff walking to indoor experiences like learning about Jameson and Guinness, Ireland’s best beverages.

The attractions in Ireland are truly endless, so this is the perfect guide when planning your next trip to the Emerald Isle. Some of the best activities in Ireland may even be ones that you haven’t thought of.

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Published : Jan, 2024

Suggested itinerary | Sites and attractions | When to visit | Long distance transport | Historical sites | Nature and wildlife | City tours or passes | Hiking or trekking |
Rock of Cashel | Blarney Stone | Cobh | Kinsale | Kenmare | Killarney National Park | Molls Gap | Ladies View | Torc Waterfall | Muckross Abbey |
Planning a trip to Ireland can be a lengthy task. One that leaves many scratching their head or pulling their hair out. But, lucky for you, I’ve come to your rescue. Hi, I’m Laura, your local guide. It’s my goal to make your trip to Ireland as carefree as possible. I love seeing visitors fall in love with my home country. Ireland is a magical place, and I understand just how much the trip means to you. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and I can’t wait to help you plan it. Now, let’s go on a road trip, an Ireland 7 day itinerary exploring the countries most iconic cliffs, beautiful national parks and we will even take a journey out to one of Ireland’s most scenic islands.

But first, we need to address the big question.


To put it simply, no. 7 days is not nearly enough to see all there is to do in Ireland. In fact, a whole month would only allow you to scratch the service of what the country has to offer. However, with that being said, oftentimes one week in Ireland is all most tourists have. And, while it’s not a huge amount of time, it is enough to see some of the countries major highlights.

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Published : Feb, 2023

Long distance transport | Suggested itinerary | Sites and attractions | Any price accom | Any food | Museums | Historical sites | Live performances | City tours or passes | Hiking or trekking
Dublin | Bru na Boinne | Clonmacnoise | Galway | Doolin | Kenmare | Adare Pitstop | Ring of Kerry | Cobh | Waterford
Are you planning a visit to Ireland for the first time?

If so, you’ll need some type of itinerary to guide you.

And while Ireland is small, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

In fact, you won’t see everything in 10 days, but with this guide you will see some of the country’s most popular attractions — and a few quirky hidden gems thrown in for good measure.

When designing an itinerary for a first time visit to Ireland, it’s always advisable to draw a line across the country from say Dublin to Galway and then decide which half of the country you want to explore.

With this 10 days in Ireland itinerary, you’ll get to visit some of the popular attractions with tourists in addition to other, lesser-known ones.

This itinerary is geared toward the southern half of Ireland and includes attractions like Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, Waterford City, and more.

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Published : Apr, 2024

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Car Rental | Clothes for weather | Currency | Day trips from Dublin | Irish culture | Local food | Tipping | Traditional music | What NOT to say

Published : Mar, 2023

When to visit | How to get there | Outdoor Activities
Boat Safari In Lake Naivasha | Chase Waterfalls @ Karura Forest | Climb Mt. Kenya | enjoy beaches | Gede Ruins | Peek @ Mt. Kilimanjaro | See Flamingos In Lake Nakuru | See Mugie Conservancy | See Nairobi | See Red Elephants In Tsavo | Visit Giraffe Ctr. | Visit
Located in East Africa, Kenya is a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the unique culture, incredible wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

From the savannahs of the Maasai Mara to the peaks of Mount Kenya and the stunning Kenyan coastline, this destination is home to a variety of landscapes. But it’s not just about the scenery in Kenya. In our opinion, the biggest drawcard of this East Africa destination is an opportunity to experience an authentic African safari...