Where do you want to go?

Where do you want to go?

Bloggerstan. Where travelers learn from real people.

Where travelers learn from real people.

Discover the world through the eyes of travel bloggers, vloggers and podcasters.

Learn from the experience of travelers who’ve been there. They look for activities, transport and accommodation… just like you do.

Go deep with people who live there. They have local knowledge and unique insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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Step 1:


Find a Country in the search box and press Enter

From the search box, choose where to go:

  • The entire world
  • Start typing a country name and pick
  • Scroll down the country list and pick

But there's more than just countries. Using the Google Places API, we offer 241 countries, territories and overseas possessions.

For example, you can search for Hong Kong, instead of going to China and drilling down from there. Or you can search for Puerto Rico, instead of starting with the United States.

Step 2:


Click a Country star, Region dot or City dot to view results

Now you'll see a map of the country you chose. Or the whole world. Three types of markers show locations where Bloggerstan has listings at three different geographic levels. (Zoom in to see more.) Any time you click on a marker, you'll go to the page for that location and level.

  • - Click the Country star if you're looking for content on the entire country, as in "Japan Itinerary for First Time Visitors".
  • - Click on a State-Province-Region dot if you want to learn about a sub-national area, such as "The Ultimate Nevada Road Trip (15 Stops)".
  • - Click on a City-Town dot to zero in on information for that location. Example: "Climbing Mount Kenya (Everything You Need to Know)".
  • - If there are too many City dots to show at your current zoom level, you'll see a cluster dot with the number of locations under it. Click on it to zoom in and see the individual cots.
  • - India is a big place... where, exactly, is the small but exotic city of Jaisalmer? If you don't know where a location is on the map, use the Search box. Type in the name (correctly!) and press Enter or Return and you'll see the location in a red circle in the middle of the map. Zoom in to look around. The place may or may not have a dot, depending on whether Bloggerstan has content there.

Scroll around the map, moving the borders north, south, east and west, to see nearby areas or adjacent countries.

You can always come back to the same map from the search results page.

Step 3:


(Optional) Drill down to topics that matter

Now, you're on the results page for your location. If there are just a few listings, it's easy to scan through them to look for helpful content.

If there are plenty of listings, you can drill down to the best stuff with the Topic filters.

While there are more than 60 filters in Bloggerstan, the only Topics that appear on any location page are where content exists for that filter at that location. If "Historical sites" appears in the filters list, there's historical sites content somewhere in the listings. But if "Sporting events" does not appear, then none of the listings covers sporting events.

Every time you select a filter, you'll see the results right away. If you un-select a filter, the results will revert to what showed before.

CAUTION: just like on hotel booking sites, filters are "A" AND "B". So the more filters you choose at the same time, the more likely you will get zero results.

At the top, there's a link to go back to the same map you searched from.

At the bottom, there's a button to return to the top.

Step 4:


Browse the listings and GO to original content

Results are sorted from Newest to Oldest publication date.

Besides the picture and title, listings have more information to help you choose what content to consume:

  • Name of the site or channel — Everyone listing on Bloggerstan is a real person. Click on the link to read a short bio and see a stack of all the creator's listings on Bloggerstan.
  • = Local creator. The creator lives in the Country, Region or City of Focus and should offer unique insights about the location.
  • = Content Type. Shows whether the content piece is blog, vlog or podcast, so you can choose what type of content you want.
  • Publication date — Helps you to assess whether information such as prices, transportation schedules, health and safety are fresh. Keep in mind that some older content might be very, very good!
  • Topics = the main subjects covered in the content. You can filter for Topics in the left sidebar.
  • Details = sub-topics or other specific hints about the content.
  • More = click to open a box where the creator provides a bit of prose about the content.
  • Report = where you can flag content (after checking out the original content on the creator’s site or channel). If you believe the content is inappropriate, please let us know.
  • GO! = click to open another browser tab, opening the entire original blog post, video or podcast episode.

Travel content creators, list your content on Bloggerstan

It’s easy. Provide an image and summary info in mere minutes and your listing is ready.

“Go” takes visitors directly to the real thing… your original blog post, vlog video or podcast episode.

Once they’re on your site or channel, visitors can discover all the other great content there.

No limit on the number of content pieces you can list. Five pieces? Fifty? Go for it!

You can update or delete any listing. You can also update or delete your entire account.

We don’t share or sell your info.

It’s free to list your content and always will be.

Get started. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

*We know you don’t create excellent content sitting on a tree at the beach. But you can easily knock together a Bloggerstan listing!