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How to use Bloggerstan?

Step 1: Search for a location (destination)

  • It can be a whole country, a state or province, a city, a smaller place or (sometimes) a famous feature.
  • Try to be specific: Victoria, Canada or Victoria, Australia or Victoria, Hong Kong.
  • If the location is in the database AND content exists for it, you’ll go to a Results page.
  • If the location exists, but there’s NO content yet, try a nearby place or a bigger place (such as a city, instead of a town).
  • If the location is NOT in the database, it is most likely because it is spelled differently. Try a different spelling or search the internet for alternative spellings.

Step 2: Filter the results (optional)

  • Without filters, you see EVERYTHING for the location.
  • When you start to choose filters, you will see ONLY the content with those filters.
  • It’s easy to reduce results to zero using filters (Beaches AND Mountain Resorts). Try categories (Culture) or zoom in to specific filters (Museums). 
  • When you’re done with one filter, unselect it and try another one.
  • If you get no results, try widening your search to a broader geographic area.

Step 3: Look at the map (optional)

  • You can see your location, with a badge indicating the number of results. 
  • If it’s sparse or empty, zoom out to see a wider area. If you filter for “Surfing”, zooming out could show you surfing locations up and down the coast.
  • If there are overlapping number badges, zoom in to pick the right place.
  • The default map will show everything, but if you select filters, the map will show filtered results.

Are you a travel content creator?

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  • No limit on the number of content pieces you can list. Five pieces? Fifty? Go for it!
  • You can update or delete any listing. You can also update or delete your entire account.
  • We don’t share or sell your info.
  • It’s free to list your content and always will be.

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