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Bloggerstan promotes real grassroots contents created by individuals, partners or small groups. We will not list content from media companies, travel service providers, government tourism agencies and other “non-people.” We want to champion valuable personal expertise about travel destinations. We do not help sell services at those destinations.

To list your content on Bloggerstan:

  • You are a real person or people running a blog, vlog or podcast (even if your site or channel looks a bit impersonal). That’s why we request a short public bio. For real people, it’s simple: provide the same bio and image you already have on your home page or channel.
  • You don’t have to be a “travel creator,” but you must have a minimum of 5 live blog posts, videos or podcasts on travel destinations.
  • You avoid click bait titles and descriptions… unless the hype is fully honored by your content!
  • You need to earn, but we have rules. 
    • Yes — It’s fine to recommend and link to a product or service you used personally at the location. Talk up that great music venue or talk down that boring day tour.
    • Yes — Promote any products and services you like in your regular ad spaces, except products or services sold at the listing location.
    • No — Do not link directly or indirectly to commercial services at locations in your listed content. We think selling compromises objectivity.
    • No — Accommodation reviews. Plentiful reviews are already available on booking sites. It’s okay to simply mention a place you stayed. Exception: it might be okay if the place is not listed on any booking site (please contact us).
  •  You do not commend a place or activity that could get a traveler in to physical danger or legal trouble.
    • Yes — You can talk about extreme sports. People know they come with risk.
    • Yes and No — You can discuss buying cannabis products in Canada, where it’s legal, but not in Singapore, where a naive traveler could end up in jail. 
    • Okay — Things can change. Your 2021 piece recommending parts of eastern Ukraine would not stand up after the area became a war zone in 2022. While you should consider editing or deleting the piece, your publication date means you’re not at fault.

We don’t want to be content cops. Besides, we’re not Big Tech and cannot monitor every piece of original content. Instead, we have a “Report” button on every listing, so travelers consuming your original material can cite when a piece breaks our content guidelines.

Here at Bloggerstan, we revel in a kaleidoscope of content. Considering our limited guidelines above, we welcome most applicants. 

We will look at your site or channel and get back to you promptly.