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To list your content on Bloggerstan:

  • You are a real person or people running a blog, vlog or podcast… not a media company, travel service provider, government tourism agency or other “non-person.” That’s why we request a short public bio, even the same one you already have on your home page or channel.
  • You have a minimum of 5 live blog posts, videos or podcasts on travel destinations. (You don’t have to be a travel specialist.)
  • Your original content piece is not a review of an individual accommodation or restaurant. Such reviews are available by the truckload elsewhere on the internet. It’s fine if your original content mentions a hotel or restaurant. And it’s okay if your content lists hotels or restaurants at a location. Example: “All the best hostels in Athens” or “Vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires”.  

Considering our limited guidelines above, we welcome most applicants.

We will look at your site or channel and get back to you promptly. 






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