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Where to go? What to do?

Learn about places from travelers who’ve been there and local people who live there. Travelers look for activities, transport and accommodation just like you do. Local people create content with deep local knowledge you can’t find anywhere else.

How to use bloggerstan?

Step 1: Search for a location. It can be a whole country, a state or province, a city, a smaller place or sometimes a famous feature. You can search for the starting point of a journey too.
  • If the place and spelling are in the database, you’ll go to a Results page. (Some small or remote places may not have any content.)
  • If it doesn’t work, try a different spelling, look for a nearby place or broaden your search to a wider area.
Step 2: Filter the results
  • Maybe there’s lots of content, but you’re looking for something specific. Try the filters! As always with filters, if you choose too many you might end up with few or no results.
Step 3: Look at the map (optional)
  • You can see your location, with a badge indicating the number of results. If it’s sparse or empty, zoom out to see a wider area.
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