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About Us​

We’re real people too.
We’re Eric and Corz.

Eric says:

I made my first independent trip, solo to Europe and Morocco, in 1973-74. Then it was Thailand, India and Nepal in 1978-79. Since then, I’ve traveled, lived and worked abroad for almost 40 years. Most of that was as an expat in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines (again), Tanzania and Mozambique. Corz joined me in Tanzania, Mozambique and the Philippines, where we’re now based. We’ve shared many trips along the way and travel whenever we can.

We continue to learn from anyone with travel smarts… including old road warriors and impressively wise young travelers whose parents weren’t even born when I started traveling.

We’ve also come to appreciate the gifts of local people, who share secrets and offer opinions you will never find in a guide book.

Fortunately, perceptive travelers and local experts blog, vlog or make podcasts. We can all learn from them!